Skills for Life

Cherokee Cubs have been learning some important skills for life recently – how to do the washing (a bonus in lockdown that they got to actually do it – we don’t have a washing machine in our scout den), how to be safe both as a cyclist and a pedestrian, and how to read a…


Cherokee Cubs planned for meeting face to face and completing some pottery painting. However lockdown prevented meeting but not the painting. Big thanks to our local pottery studio for delivering everything we needed to complete our Christmas mugs at home. We can’t wait to see everyone’s creations once they have been in Kenny the Kiln!

Leaf Art

As part of their world challenge badge, Beavers took part in some leaf art activities. After gathering leaves and sticks whilst out on their daily walk, first they made hedgehog pictures, and then lots of other animals from leaves. We then made stick men, which involved practicing to tie a reef knot whilst making their…

World Challenge

Beavers have been working towards their world challenge badge this term. For ‘take part in an activity from another country’ we learnt about the festival of Diwali. We made our own diyas from saltdough, and Beavers lit their own candle in them, as part of their skills challenge badge. We then made rangloi art using…

Creative Explosions

Beavers had fun making their own firework displays. Firstly we iced biscuits and then painted pictures, using our skill to roll a marble around the paper to create the display. Thanks also to parents for assisting in investing three of our Beavers via zoom. Well done Alistair, Edward and Frankie.

Cherokee on the move!

Cherokee Cubs have just completed a three week rotation of activities – a hike around the Humber Bridge Country Park, a cycle ride across the Humber Bridge and activities on zoom towards their book reader badge. It’s great to be back outside completing challenges together, even if we are in smaller groups.

Apple Crumble!

A couple weeks ago we had a talk from Yvette at Pickering Road Orchard, about how apple trees grow through each season. This week we saw some excellent cooking skills by our Beavers. Young people used vegetable peelers and knives, rubbed butter into flour, and produced some brilliant apple crumbles. We hope they all tasted…

Fun in the Orchard

For their first face to face meeting, half of our Beaver Colony met at Raywell Park to undertake a scavenger hunt and have some fun on the go-karts. It was great to be back together again, and we’re looking forward to seeing the other half of the colony next week.

Keeping Safe and Tidy

Cherokee Cubs met on Zoom this week and completed parts of the Fire Safety, Home Safety and Home Help badges. Cubs drew a floor plan of their house and then investigated where the smoke alarms and fire exits are, they looked at what dangers there are that could start a fire in each room, and…

Problem Solving

Cherokee and Arapaho Cubs completed a ‘Leaning Tower of Feetza’ problem solving activity alongside a game of battleships using the phonetic alphabet during their weekly Zoom meeting.

Zoom Investitures

Another first for Hessle Beavers took place this week, when we invested six of our new members during our Zoom meeting. Thanks to parents for their assistance with presenting the neckers, certificates and badges.

Chief Scout Silver Award

Congratulations to Cherokee Cubs Archie, Oliver and Seth on achieving their Chief Scout Silver Award. These were presented by Charlotte our GSL during our online Zoom meeting.

Chief Scout Bronze Award

Hessle Beavers made history this week in presenting eight Chief Scout Awards via Zoom! Charlotte, our GSL, joined us to make the presentations virtually, and big thanks to all the parents for their assistance. Congratulations to Luke, Archie, Jesse, Rowan, Joshua, Jessica, Amelie and Rosie on their achievements. We also presented lots of other badges…

Kindness in our Community

Hessle Scout Group are working with The Red Cross on their ‘Kindness in Every Community’ project. Although we can’t meet face to face, Cubs and Beavers have been painting rocks at home with pictures and words to make people smile on their daily walk. Keep a look out in the local area, and let us…

Looking to the Stars

Arapaho and Cherokee Cubs completed more of their Astronomer Badge via Zoom this week, learning how the earth moves around the sun. They also recreated constellations, including their astrological birth signs!


What do you do when you can’t all go outside and look at the stars together for the Space Badge – you make constellations out of iced gems and strawberry laces instead! Well done Beavers!

Lego Challenges

Cubs used their imaginations with Lego this week, completing many challenges over Zoom both with leaders and through the Blacktoft Beacon Bricktopia event. These activities helped them complete parts of both their Artist and Skills Challenge badges.

Zoom into Space!

Beavers held their first weekly meeting via Zoom and we worked towards our Space badge. We talked about the planets, the moon and astronaut Tim Peake, made our own picture of the solar system, recreated it from spherical shaped items found in our homes, and a toilet roll middle rocket!

Beavers 2020 Lockdown Sleepover

Beavers had a fun packed weekend at their Lockdown Sleepover. We had a scavenger hunt, learnt about maps and what to take on a hike, made bird feeders, toilet roll superheroes and our own crazy golf course, as well as the usual camp activities of cooking our own food, singing campfire songs and playing bingo.

Cherokee 2020 Lockdown Camp

Cherokee Cubs enjoyed a weekend of activities, all done from the safety of their own home during lockdown. The chose to sleep in either a tent in the garden or a den they built themselves, and during the day made an obstacle course, camp gadgets, lunch and tea, a bug hotel and completed a scavenger…

The Great Outdoors

Even though we can’t go very far, for very long, young people are still enjoying time outdoors. Well done to Beavers Aiden, Alfie and Joey, Cubs Henry and Jesse and Scouts Caitlin and Catriona. We particularly liked the VE day street campfire!

Learning in lots of different ways

Our young people are showing us that as well as doing school work, they are learning lots of new skills whilst at home. We hope they continue to practice them every week! Well done to Cubs Amber, Henry, Fraser, Caleb Owen, Isaac, Harrison and Beaver Aiden.

Camping at home

Lots of our young people are enjoying camping at home, either building dens in the house or in tents in the garden. Well done to Beavers Jessica, Joseph, Aiden, Isaac and Amelie and Cubs Caleb and Theo.

VE Day 75

Lots of brilliant pictures of both young people and leaders taking part in VE Day activities at home.

Hike to the Moon

Well done to everyone that took part in the Scout Association Hike to the Moon. So far over £310,000 has been raised, and the amount is still going up! Don’t forget to let us know or send your picture if you have taken part.

Home Helps

Cherokee Cubs have been completing lots more activities towards their Home Help and Skills Challenge badges. Excellent job Caleb, Joshua, Isaac, Bethany, Fraser. Don’t forget to keep practicing all these skills!

Wish we were camping….

We wish we were camping in this gorgeous weather! But it’s good to see our young people still outside exercising in lots of different ways. Well done to Apache Georgia, Arapaho Jessica, Cherokees Matilda, Charlie and Owen and Beavers Jessica and Jacob.


Creative activities are good for our health too, and many of our young people have been putting their imaginations to good use. Well done to Cherokees Owen and Dexter and Beavers Rosie, Aflie and Daniel.


Cubs have been both helping at home and practicing their cooking skills. Well done to Arapaho Amber, Cherokees Fraser, Charlie and Dexter and Beavers Jessica, Joseph and Jacob.

Camp at Home

We may not be able to go camping at the moment, but lots of our young people have found ways to make dens and camp at home. Well done to Beavers Luke and Summer, Cherokees Bradley, Jack, Fraser and Harrison, Arapaho Jessica and Navajo Ewan. If you’ve been camping at home, send us your pictures.

Beaver Cooks

Lots more cooking has been taking place in Beaver homes, and it looks delicious. Well done Rosie, Alfie, Aiden, Isaac, Daniel and Joseph. Keep on scouting, learning those important skills for life.

Cubs Skills Challenge

Well leaders certainly know who we can call on to make the hot drinks, do the washing up and cook meals when we next go on camp. Well done Harrison and Joshua.

Beaver Blog – Joshua

As part of their Personal Challenge badge, we have asked Beavers to write a blog for us. Here is a write up from Joshua on activities we undertook for our Experiment Activity Badge and Challenge X during British Science Week. Last Wednesday I took my tooth brush with me for an activity.  The activity I…

Cub Skills Challenge

Cherokee Cubs have been making themselves useful at home and completing parts of their Skills Challenge Badge. Well done to Bradley and Harrison, making cups of tea, setting the table for a meal and peeling vegetables.

Beaver Cooks

For their Cook Activity Badge Beavers have to prepare and cook three dishes, both sweet and savoury. Well done to Joseph and Summer, their food looks delicious.

Beaver Outdoor Challenge

Part of the Beaver Outdoor Challenge badge requires Beavers to take part in an activity using natural things like leaves, bark, twigs, sand and rocks. Well done to Aiden, Alfie, Amelie, Jessica and Summer for making us smile with their pictures.

Beaver Blog – Luke

As part of their Personal Challenge badge, we have asked Beavers to write a blog for us. Here is a write up from Luke on our World Book Day sleepover at Anlaby Park Community Library. Last Friday, the beavers had a sleepover at the library.  We found different books for different categories on our sheet…

Beaver Blog – Seb

As part of their Personal Challenge badge, our second Beaver Blog comes from Seb. Tonight we was earning our First Aid badge. Then we split into three groups. First we learnt how to do the recovery position. Next we learnt if you need an ambulance or not, what we would do, and how to support…

Beaver Blog – Archie

As part of their Personal Challenge badge, we have asked Beavers to write a blog for us. Here is a write up from Archie on the Big Sing. At the Big Sing I went to the church and then I went around Hessle and gave people a leaflet to go to the Big Sing. I…

Welcome to Hessle Beavers

Six new young people have been invested into Hessle Beavers, welcome to Alfie, Aiden, Arthur, Isaac, Libbie and Summer. We then had a fun evening undertaking some problem solving challenges.

Cub My Faith Badge

Arapaho Cubs have recently started work on their Faith Activity Badge. They have visited All Saints Church, where they were shown around by the Reader, Phillip. They also talked about faith in general, being baptised, the prayer board, the Vicars since 1520 and Mini Saints, a group for young people each Sunday morning. They also…

Panto Time

Arapaho and Cherokee Cubs enjoyed an evening of entertainment at the Saints and Sinners pantomime ‘Robin Hood’. Well done to some of our young people who took part on stage – Beavers Jessica and Nathanael, Cub Isla and Scouts Georgia and Savannah.

Challenge X Night Hike

Cherokee Cubs completed the second of their spring term challenges, completing a night ‘chip tasting’ hike of Hessle! Along our 2.5 mile hike we tasted chips from a traditional fish and chip shop, a chinese takeaway and a pizza place. Cubs voted their favourites were from the pizza shop, but big thanks must go to…

Minecraft Camp

Cherokee Cubs took part in a minecraft themed camp, lots of fun with lots of #skillsforlife too. We used saws, sandpaper and screwdrivers to make creeper bookends, we used sewing machines to make TNT and creeper cushions, an iron to make hama bead minecraft creations, and Raspberry Pi’s to play minecraft, as well as a…

All Saints Church

Hessle Beavers visited All Saints Church this week as part of their Faith Activity Badge. The completed a treasure hunt around the church, and then Revd Gemma read the story of The Good Samaritan, which Beavers all thought fitted really well with their Beaver promise. We then made reflection / prayer chains which are now…

Burns Night

To link with their World Challenge and International badges, as well as Challenge X, Cherokee Cubs celebrated Burns Night. They cooked and tasted Tatties, Neeps and Haggis, decorated shortbread petticoat tails to look like tartan kilts, tried Irn Bru and Tablet, made haggis. bagpipe and highland cow fridge magnets, read poetry, played highland games and…

Welcome to Arapaho

Hugo and Henry completed their swim up the Beaver river and into the Cub Den, and have now been invested into Arapaho Cubs.

Welcome to Cherokee

Bethany, Bradley, Charlie and Joseph completed their swim up the Beaver river and into the Cub Den, and have now been invested into Cherokee Cubs.

Tamarak Camp

Arapaho Cubs took their parents to camp during the Autumn term. Lots of challenges took place during the weekend, building and lighting fires without a match, parents putting up tents blindfolded following instructions from the Cubs, moving baked beans with straws and playing conkers. Lots of meals cooked on open fires added to the fun…