Beavers Go Green Fingered

This week the Beavers got their green fingers out for their Gardener Activity Badge!

Baloo from Cherokee did some up-cycling for us and turned two pallets into rows of boxes for us to plant in. In here we planted sweet peas, lettuce, parsley, chives, peppers & basil. We also planted a special variety of tomato that will grow out of hanging baskets. Everyone helped make labels to go in the beds too.

Also we did some weeding of the huge patches of nettles that have grown around the field over the winter. This was made a lot easier with the tools and gloves we got from Sainsbury’s Active Kids last year. In a couple of weeks we are going to plant something else in their place to brighten up the field!

We learnt that plants need soil, light, water & air to grow and will make sure they get all of these over the coming term, then hopefully everyone will be able to take some of the produce home!