Somewhere under the rainbow!

We had lots of Beavers earning their very first Hikes badge tonight. We went for a walk around the fields near Hessle Mount Farm, with Beavers following the map as part of their Navigator badge. We got a bit wet again, but it was worth it to see the double rainbow.

Explorers Exploring

Explorers met up outdoors for the first time in over a year, for a socially distanced walk around Elloughton, followed by presentation of new name tapes for uniforms. Everyone enjoyed the fresh air and the chat.


Cherokee Cubs had an active end to the term, with a hike from Brantingham to South Cave, team games with water at the den, and a morning at Welton Waters. The smiles in the pictures say what fun they all had.


Cherokee Cubs recently split into two groups and spent some time out and about – on a hike around Elloughton Dale and swimming.  These activities enabled the Cubs to achieve various levels of the Hikes and Swimmer staged badges.  


As part of their navigator badge, last week Beavers each drew their own maps of the route of our hike, and tonight they successfully followed them.  Along the way we also did a bit of geocaching, first of all finding one that someone else has hidden – well done to Elliott for finding it.  We…

2016 Jamboree on the Trail

Hessle Beavers took part in the 2016 Jamboree on the Trail today, along with all the other sections in Hessle Scout Group.  The Explorers, Apache and Navajo Scouts set off early this morning from the Humber Bridge, going southbound across the bridge and headed to South Ferriby.  There they met up with Arapaho and Cherokee…

Park in the Dark

For our last meeting before Easter, Hessle Beavers had a chip shop hike, followed by a visit to the park.  We walked from the scout den to the chip shop, and collected our supper to eat in the park.  Much fun was had shining torches from the top of the climbing frames.  We then presented…

Beavers 30th Birthday Postcard Swap

Hessle Beavers are taking part in the Beavers 30th Birthday Postcard swap.  Last term as part of our Digital Citizen Badge we made postcards, and this week we went on a short hike to post them.  We hope to get lots in return and are making a map of them to see where all the…

Cherokee Summer Hike

For the last meeting of the summer term Cherokee hiked from Brantingham to South Cave – a short walk with lots of steep hills.  At the highest point of the walk overlooking some fantastic view of the Humber, our newest member, Grace, was invested.  At the end of the evening Cubs were presented with challenge…

Wolds Challenge 2015

This year we entered 2 teams into the Wolds Challenge, a day hike competition to test navigation and teamwork skills. Both teams completed the course with only one team having a slight navigational error! We are still waiting for the official results of where the two teams placed.  

Beavers Hike along the Humber

Hessle Beavers undertook a practice hike this week, in preparation for the Hessle Scout Group sponsored walk on 9 May.  It was a lovely evening to be down by the river, and the Beavers walked at a fantastic pace whilst throwing lots of stones into the water.