Beaver Blog – Archie

As part of their Personal Challenge badge, we have asked Beavers to write a blog for us. Here is a write up from Archie on the Big Sing.

At the Big Sing I went to the church and then I went around Hessle and gave people a leaflet to go to the Big Sing. I went back to the church and had a drink. Then I waited to sing. When we started to sing we sang a song called Alice the camel. We sang a penguin song, a pirate song, a banana song and a funny named bird song. After that some grown ups went up and sang some choir songs. Then we had a break and had some cakes, tea, coffee, juice, buns, flapjacks and biscuits. After the break we sang some more songs. The raffle tickets were being called out and we got one and we got a glowing mirror and she gave it to my brother.