Fun at Raywell

Cherokee Cubs had a fun evening in the sunshine at Raywell. They crawled through the cave bus, whizzed down the hill on grass sledges and sped round the car park on go-karts!

Welcome to Cherokee

Cherokee welcomed two new Cubs this when Polly and Grace were invested. We hope they went on to enjoy their first camp!

Bailwood Camp

Cherokee enjoyed a weekend at Bailwood Scout campsite in Aldbrough. They cooked on fires for the weekend, enjoyed a hike to Aldbrough for ice creams, improved their archery skills, chased the big ball, made kites, played bingo, built dens in the woods and enjoyed a campfire with Howden Scout Group. We hope that the parents…

Jubilee Street Party

Cherokee Cubs had an evening at their very own street party. The played some traditional street games, hopscotch and skipping, and then had some retro food – cheese and pineapple on sticks and spam!

District Camp Craft Competition

Arapaho and Cherokee Cubs took part in the Blacktoft Beacon District Camp Craft Competition this weekend at Tablers Wood Campsite. Eleven teams took part including two from Arapaho and two from Cherokee. They completed many tasks during the day including tent pitching, sedan chairs, cooking, fire lighting, bivi building, maps symbols, compass points and a…

Leaders get badges too!

Congratulations to go several leaders in our group who have received awards recently. June has received the Silver Acorn, awarded after at least 20 years’ service, which has been specially distinguished and appreciably better than outstanding. Paul and John both received The Award For Merit, awarded for outstanding service, where they have been keen, conscientious,…


Cherokee Cubs were set some problem solving and teamwork challenges to complete. A sack race with their whole team in the sack, moving their team along the car park on skis, as well as lashing some broom handles onto chairs to carry a member of their six. Lots of laughter in the sunshine!

Chief Scout Silver Award

Congratulations to Cherokee Cubs Harry and Luke on achieving their Chief Scout Silver Awards.

Wind Power

As part of their Environmental Conservation badge Cherokee Cubs completed a hike from The Deep to the Ferry Terminal. This enabled them to stop along the way and have a look at and chat about the wind turbines that are made at Siemens, as well as admire the sculptures along the way.

Bramhope in the springtime

Cherokee Cubs have enjoyed a weekend at Bramhope Scout Campsite. We cooked a full english breakfast on fires, made shelters, prepared sausage rolls for lunch and bolognese for tea, traversed the low ropes course, conquered the climbing wall, sang around the campfire, played bingo and enjoyed a picnic in Roundhay Park before a visit to…

Sleeping with the sharks!

Cherokee Cubs and Hessle Beavers enjoyed a night at The Deep. They started with a tour and talk from knowledgeable guides, completed some craft activities, and then got to sleep alongside the fish tanks. We completed the event with breakfast overlooking the Humber and a visit to see the penguins! Many completed their first ever…

Safety first

As part of their Personal Safety and Road Safety badges, Cherokee Cubs enjoyed a visit from Holly from Humberside Police. We learnt about the different roles she has carried out as a police officer, looked around the police car, and got to try on lots of her equipment.

Welcome to Cherokee

Daniel and Daniel completed their swim up the river from Beavers and are now invested as Cherokee Cubs.

Defying Gravity

Cherokee Cubs bounced their way out of the autumn term with a trip to Gravity. Lots of fun and rosy cheeks by the end of the evening. We also said farewell to Ava, Harrison and Owen as they move up to Scouts. We look forward to seeing everyone again on 10 January 2022.

Chief Scout Silver Award

Congratulations to four Cherokee Cubs, Bethany, Charlie, Henry and Joseph on achieving their Chief Scout Award. Lots of activities towards this award took place during lockdowns, and we were so impressed with their resilience to keep on scouting!

Christmas Decorations

Cherokee Cubs were challenged to complete five christmas activities – a christmas card, a melting snowman biscuit, a ribbon tree, a chocolate reindeer and a paracord christmas tree. They all left the hardest one til last – hope you all managed to complete it at home!

Living with Water

Cherokee Cubs visited the Living With Water Community Hub and learnt all about water cycles and flood risk in our area. Within the lab, we experimented to understand flooding and sustainable drainage solutions (SuDS), as well as looking at what happens to the things we flush down our toilet! We also gained an understanding of how our…

Remembrance Sunday 2021

Well done to those that represented Hessle Scout Group at the Community Remembrance Service in Hessle, and those that represented Blacktoft Beacon Explorers in Beverley. Your contributions to the services were complemented by many.

The smiles say it all…

After 18 long months, Cherokee Cubs have finally been back on camp again. A weekend at Blackhills was very welcome, and the smiles on everyones faces show just how much we enjoyed it. Lots of adventurous activities, archery, axe throwing and tobogganing, walks in the woods (with no care that it was raining), a huge…

Night Hike

At a recent pack forum, Cherokee Cubs requested to go for a hike in the dark, so that’s what we did. The sixers and seconders planned the route from Melton Bottom to Welton, and then helped their sixes navigate their way in the dark.

Welton Waters

Cherokee Cubs had a splashing time at Welton Waters. They took part in some team water games, and went out on the lake in rafted canoes, working towards their Time on the Water and Paddle Sports badges.

Hessle Foreshore

Cherokee Cubs had a great start to the term, working as a team in their sixes, they built and lit fires to toast marshmallows, and then safely extinguished them. As part of their Naturalist badge they also experimented with natural things to find which would dye a small square of fabric, and learnt some interesting…


As part of their Skills Challenge badge, Cubs have to try a new sport, so Cherokee all had a go at footgolf. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Chief Scout Silver Award

Congratulations to Cherokee Cubs Ava and Alexander on achieving their Chief Scout Silver Award. Charlotte, our GSL, presented them before Cubs went off for a hike around Nut Wood, where they found some dens to shelter from the rain.

Chief Scout Silver Award

Congratulations to Cherokee Cubs Fraser, Harrison and Owen who have all achieved their Chief Scout Silver Awards.


During lockdowns there were just some things that were hard to do at home and on Zoom, so Cherokee Cubs have had a couple of weeks of completing missing bits of badges. We’ve sawn wood, made rope, identified garden tools, walked around the local area and drawn our own map, completed problem solving activities, compass…

Welcome to Cherokee

Cherokee Cubs have welcomed two new members, Ellie-Mae and Fred, who made their promise before taking part in activities at Raywell Park.

Loving the Outdoors

Cherokee Cubs are loving being outside, no matter what the weather. They have completed another three week rotation of activities, this time undertaking cycle maintenance and skills in the local supermarket car park, a local hike – making use of a map as part of their navigator badge, and holding a pack forum, a map…

Fires, Gadgets and Bugs

Cherokee Cubs have spent their first few weeks back face to face meeting in smaller groups. They have each learnt how to light and extinguish a fire at Raywell for their Backwoods Cooking badge, build a camp gadget using the knots we learnt on zoom at the Scout Den for their Pioneer badge, and identify…

Chief Scout’s Silver Award

Congratulations to four Cherokee Cubs – Jack, Leila, Elijah and Tilly – who were tonight presented with their Chief Scout’s Silver Award by our GSL Charlotte. This is the top award for Cub Scouts.  It shows that they are adventurous, have helped the local community and learnt about the world.  It also means that they…

Art for Everyone

Cherokee Cubs welcomed artist Steve to their meeting this week, for some fun and creativity. Using modelling clay, and following Steve’s excellent tuition, they made models of themselves, with some brilliant results.

Hull Reform Synagogue

As part of their World Challenge and World Faiths badges, Cherokee Cubs paid a virtual visit to Hull Reform Synagogue. Aimi and Laura were brilliant, providing the Cubs with information sheets in advance and then guiding us around the synagogue, explaining about the different festivals they celebrate and showing us the many different items they…

Bird Boxes

Cherokee continued their bird theme for this term, by making nest boxes for small birds that appear in their garden. Baloo kindly cut the wood for everyone, but Cubs, with supervision from parents, built the box making use of screwdrivers, hammers, sandpaper and tape measures. Their challenge for the week is to paint or varnish…


Cherokee Cubs practiced their pancake making skills last week. We hope they are making them for the whole family today!

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

In preparation for the Big Garden Birdwatch Cherokee Cubs had a bird themed evening. We played bird matching and naming games, we made bird feeders, danced to the birdie song and made origami pigeons! This weekend we will all be watching carefully in our gardens to see what birds appear. Why not join in too…

Home Helps

Cherokee Cubs completed the next part of their Home Help Activity Badge, cleaning and tidying the living room and ironing their neckers. Let’s hope they keep using these skills every day during lockdown!

Cherokee Christmas Activity Day

Cherokee Cubs had a fun day of all things Christmas. We made our own tree from sticks and string, and decorated it with pine cones and acorns, we made Christmas crackers, a 2020 memory decoration for our tree, we cooked our own Christmas dinner, with chocolate orange trifle for dessert, and decorated Christmas cakes. To…

The Great Cherokee Bake Off

Cherokee Cubs rose to the challenge at their Bake Off Zoom meeting. In the space of an hour and a half we had baked and iced 336 buns between us – that must be a record, and we certainly couldn’t have done that in the den. Best of all, there was no mess for the…

Skills for Life

Cherokee Cubs have been learning some important skills for life recently – how to do the washing (a bonus in lockdown that they got to actually do it – we don’t have a washing machine in our scout den), how to be safe both as a cyclist and a pedestrian, and how to read a…


Cherokee Cubs planned for meeting face to face and completing some pottery painting. However lockdown prevented meeting but not the painting. Big thanks to our local pottery studio for delivering everything we needed to complete our Christmas mugs at home. We can’t wait to see everyone’s creations once they have been in Kenny the Kiln!

Cherokee on the move!

Cherokee Cubs have just completed a three week rotation of activities – a hike around the Humber Bridge Country Park, a cycle ride across the Humber Bridge and activities on zoom towards their book reader badge. It’s great to be back outside completing challenges together, even if we are in smaller groups.

Keeping Safe and Tidy

Cherokee Cubs met on Zoom this week and completed parts of the Fire Safety, Home Safety and Home Help badges. Cubs drew a floor plan of their house and then investigated where the smoke alarms and fire exits are, they looked at what dangers there are that could start a fire in each room, and…

Athletic Cherokee

Cherokee have enjoyed two weeks of face to face scouting completing their Athletics badge. As part of the badge we threw balls, ran relays, long jump, balanced a ball on a spoon, did some skipping and sergeant jumps. All the Cubs did their best to improve their times and distances the second week. Everyone loved…

Problem Solving

Cherokee and Arapaho Cubs completed a ‘Leaning Tower of Feetza’ problem solving activity alongside a game of battleships using the phonetic alphabet during their weekly Zoom meeting.

Chief Scout Silver Award

Congratulations to Cherokee Cubs Archie, Oliver and Seth on achieving their Chief Scout Silver Award. These were presented by Charlotte our GSL during our online Zoom meeting.

Looking to the Stars

Arapaho and Cherokee Cubs completed more of their Astronomer Badge via Zoom this week, learning how the earth moves around the sun. They also recreated constellations, including their astrological birth signs!

Lego Challenges

Cubs used their imaginations with Lego this week, completing many challenges over Zoom both with leaders and through the Blacktoft Beacon Bricktopia event. These activities helped them complete parts of both their Artist and Skills Challenge badges.

Cherokee 2020 Lockdown Camp

Cherokee Cubs enjoyed a weekend of activities, all done from the safety of their own home during lockdown. The chose to sleep in either a tent in the garden or a den they built themselves, and during the day made an obstacle course, camp gadgets, lunch and tea, a bug hotel and completed a scavenger…

Learning in lots of different ways

Our young people are showing us that as well as doing school work, they are learning lots of new skills whilst at home. We hope they continue to practice them every week! Well done to Cubs Amber, Henry, Fraser, Caleb Owen, Isaac, Harrison and Beaver Aiden.

Camping at home

Lots of our young people are enjoying camping at home, either building dens in the house or in tents in the garden. Well done to Beavers Jessica, Joseph, Aiden, Isaac and Amelie and Cubs Caleb and Theo.