Beaver Blog – Joshua

As part of their Personal Challenge badge, we have asked Beavers to write a blog for us. Here is a write up from Joshua on activities we undertook for our Experiment Activity Badge and Challenge X during British Science Week.

Last Wednesday I took my tooth brush with me for an activity.  The activity I did with my tooth brush is I brushed my teeth, so I brushed my teeth and after I brushed them TicTac gave us a mint each then we had to crunch it all around our mouth.  If our teeth were blue that would mean you haven’t brushed good but if it was pink you haven’t brushed them well that day. 

The next thing I did was I put pepper in water and what we needed to see what would happen if we would put our fingers in it like would the pepper stick to our fingers, would it sink, would it move away.  The thing that happened was that it stuck to our fingers. 

The next thing we did was to see what would happen with a balloon on top of a bottle, so we put the bottle in some cold water and it didn’t go up.  Then we tried the bottle in hot water and it went up. 

The final thing we did was to see what would happen to a block of soap in a microwave, would it melt, would it stay as it is, or would it bubble.  The thing that happened was that it bubbled and went all squishy.