Beaver Blog – Luke

As part of their Personal Challenge badge, we have asked Beavers to write a blog for us. Here is a write up from Luke on our World Book Day sleepover at Anlaby Park Community Library.

Last Friday, the beavers had a sleepover at the library.  We found different books for different categories on our sheet every time we got a book correct we got a stamp.  We then did some activities.  First, my group rolled some dice with pictures on each face.  Each picture was part of our story.  Then, we made pillows that could hold books.  We put our names on it and drew on it.  After that, we drew book covers for already existing books.  Finally we made bookmarks but mine was a kittykat.  After that, we chose pizza and ate it  IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!   A couple minutes later we had…. cake!  Everybody sang happy birthday to me (I was 8).  A bit later we set up our beds and went to sleep.
On Saturday morning we woke up, got dressed and that sort of stuff.  After we packed up our beds we had some breakfast and sorted the books out and went home.