Cherokee Cubs practiced their pancake making skills last week. We hope they are making them for the whole family today!

The Great Cherokee Bake Off

Cherokee Cubs rose to the challenge at their Bake Off Zoom meeting. In the space of an hour and a half we had baked and iced 336 buns between us – that must be a record, and we certainly couldn’t have done that in the den. Best of all, there was no mess for the…

Beaver Cooks

Lots more cooking has been taking place in Beaver homes, and it looks delicious. Well done Rosie, Alfie, Aiden, Isaac, Daniel and Joseph. Keep on scouting, learning those important skills for life.

Beaver Cooks

For their Cook Activity Badge Beavers have to prepare and cook three dishes, both sweet and savoury. Well done to Joseph and Summer, their food looks delicious.