Beaver Promise

Tonight our five newest Beavers – Charlie, Georgia, James, Kieran and William made their promise. Welcome to Hessle Beavers!

Welcome to Cubs!

After completing their moving on award before the summer holidays; Connor, Oliver & Henry remade their promise tonight and became Cubs! Welcome to Cherokee!

Welcome to Cherokee

This week our 3 newest members made their promise as Cub Scouts and became members of Cherokee Cub Pack. For Danny this was his first time, whilst Fred & Tom swam up the river from Beavers. Welcome to you all!


Also this week we had some investitures to do. For those who made their promise at The Deep; Josh, Oliver, Owen, William, Amelia, Tabitha, Hannah & Josh, it was a reenactment so their families could watch. For William it was his turn to swim up the river from Beavers and renew his promise as a…