27th February 2014 – Explorers Own

The team organised a “Cube” style set of challenges which involved balancing balls, catching balls in cups and lots of coordination skills. Great fun.

13th February 2014 – Pull the cord

We invested in para-cord and clips for the Explorers to learn the art of para-cord weaving to make a practical bracelet with a clip that contained a whistle.  All enjoyed.

6th February 2014 – Trading Post

The Explorers took part in a traditional Scout trading post with a bit of a potato twist at the start of the evening.  They had to peel a potato skin and there were points for the longest single length of peel. This produced some interesting interpretations of the words “single length of peel”.  It was…

January 2014 – Scrum down with the Beavers

3 of our Explorers play for Hessle RUFC under 15’s and they supported the Beavers with their Fitness challenge by delivering rugby union skills and some fitness activities. Both the Explorers and the Beavers had a great night.

16th January 2014 – Team building

The Explorers built on the team spirit they all share with some interesting challenges which encouraged working together to achieve the goal.

11th January 2014 – Explorers lead the way with new project

The Explorers provided a strong labour force to assist with the new outdoor activity area at the Scout HQ. They helped with the clearing of the ground in preparation for the new security fencing, door and paving.  Some of them even got to drive the JCB.  

3rd April 2014 – Alternative Cookers

This week the Explorers set about making a new kind of cooker. It involved a large tin can, tin foil and a grill. They used charcoal as their heat source, which some were more successful at using than others!

13th March 2014 – Fire Brigade take control

We visited the Humberside Fire & Rescue control room at the HQ building.  This was a very interesting evening and really good to see the type of technology at the finger tips of the controllers and the type of incidents they deal with.  We witnessed live incidents and it was an eye opener for the…