Welcome to Arapaho

Arapaho Cubs have recently invested nine new members to their pack whilst visiting Raywell Park, welcome everyone!


Arapaho Cubs have been focusing on the benefits of working as a team. They took part in peer-led blindfold courses, problem solving activities and learned how to put up and take down tents.

Welcome to Arapaho

Hugo and Henry completed their swim up the Beaver river and into the Cub Den, and have now been invested into Arapaho Cubs.

Tamarak Camp

Arapaho Cubs took their parents to camp during the Autumn term. Lots of challenges took place during the weekend, building and lighting fires without a match, parents putting up tents blindfolded following instructions from the Cubs, moving baked beans with straws and playing conkers. Lots of meals cooked on open fires added to the fun…

Swimming Up The River

Three more Beavers finished swimming up the river and into the cub den.  They were then invested as Cubs.  Welcome to Arapaho Mason, Robert and Sriram.

Swimming up to Cubs

Also this week we said goodbye to our 5 oldest Beavers as they swam up the river to Arapaho Cubs. Malak, Tic Tac & Keeo will be going to their first night of Cubs after Easter to watch them renew their promise as Cubs and award them their Moving on Award. We are sad to…

Rememberance Parade Nov 2013

As a mark of respect Arapaho Cubs joined The Hessle Scout Group as a whole who joined both active & retired members of the armed forces and marched from the British Legion in Hessle to the All Saints Church. The Cubs then attended a civic service that included The Hessle Town Mayor & local councillors.

June 2013, Dads & Lads Camp

Once a year Arapaho Cubs have a traditional “Dads & Lads” or “Parents & Guardians” Camp. This year we wend to Bramhope Scout Camp (Nr Leeds Bradford Airport). No mums this year but 7 dads did brave the weather. We feel certain the Dads enjoyed the camp more than the Cubs. Both Cubs & Dads…

Sixer Camp – 7th – 9th June

This camp is done in conjunction with the Scout Troop. It allows the older cubs who are nearly ready to go up to Scouts to meet and become friends with some of the Scouts before they go. Both Cherokee and Arapaho Cubs were invited. This years Sixer Camp was at High Ropes in Market Rasen….

Forbidden Corner

Cherokee & Arapaho Cubs went on a visit to Foribidden Corner in North Yorkshire. They had a great day out and fun was had by all, including the leaders!