Fun in the Orchard

For their first face to face meeting, half of our Beaver Colony met at Raywell Park to undertake a scavenger hunt and have some fun on the go-karts. It was great to be back together again, and we’re looking forward to seeing the other half of the colony next week.

Welcome to Beavers

Four new Beavers have made their promise, and been invested into Hessle Beavers.


As part of their Skills Challenge badge, Beavers have to go somewhere new.  Today we visited Wilberforce College to watch the Back to Ours / New Perspectives performance of The Giant Jam Sandwich.  We saw how one hot summer’s day, four million wasps invaded the quiet village of Itching Down.   We joined the villagers in…


As we approach the end of the term, it has been time to say goodbye to two of our Beavers, as they start their swim up the river to Cubs.  However, not before having the great pleasure of presenting them both with their Chief Scout Bronze Awards.  Well done!


It’s amazing how the contents of our recycling bins can keep everyone occupied for an hour!  Beavers were set the challenge of inventing something that could pick up a ping pong ball that was a metre away from them.  Lots of different ideas, with varying degrees of success, but lots of fun!


Well done to Freddie and Seth who swam up the final part of the Beaver river, and were then invested into Cherokee Cubs.  GSL Paul also presented Seth with his final Beaver badges, and his Chief Scout Bronze Award.


Seven new Beavers have been invested.  Welcome to Alfie, Arthur, Ava, Oliver, Philip, Seraphina and Zico.

Swimming Up The River

Beavers said farewell to seven of their friends, as they swam up the first part of the river to Cubs.  We waved goodbye as Alex, Georgia, Kieran and William started swimming along to Cherokee closely followed by Mason, Robert and Sriram to Arapaho.  We look forward to seeing them all again at group and district…

Splish Splash!

Beavers had fun team games with water this week.  First they had to build their own ballista, and then got to fire water bombs at each other.  That was followed by pass the cup of water down the lodge and transfer the water with a sponge.  All great fun and they didn’t go home too…

Welcome to Beavers

Four new Beavers were invested in Nut Wood, welcome to Charlotte, Jonah, Ruben and Seth.  We then went on a hike around the wood, identifying the different trees and learning all about what happens to them during the seasons of the year.

JOTT 2017

Well done to everyone that took part in our annual Jamboree on the Trail / BBQ / AGM event.  Fantastic turn out from all the families in our group.  Please hand sponsor money in to any section leader.

Badges at Home

Several of our Beavers have been working towards badges either at home, through sports clubs or at school.  We have had several show and tell evenings where we have seen swimming and gymnastic certificates and badges, reading challenges, karate kit, bouncy ball collections, drawings, heard about caring for different pets, seen football card and bottle…


As part of their Health & Fitness badge, Beavers cooked pancakes – but not in the usual way!  These were mini pancakes cooked on a tin can over a tea light.  Delicious results with some healthy fruit toppings too.


Hessle Beavers had a fantastic evening at Rockcity, climbing in both the spaceship and castle rooms.  We have some excellent climbers who are clearly not afraid of heights!  We finished the evening saying goodbye to two of our Beavers, Mason and Tristan, as they swam up the river.  After Christmas they will become Arapaho Cubs….


This afternoon we attended All Saints Church for the annual Children’s Society Christingle Service.  The young people played an active part in the service, assisting with the readings, singing and collecting all the candles that we had been filling with pennies.  They also learnt about and received their own Christingle to take home.  Beavers were…

Chief Scout Bronze Award

Two of Hessle Beavers recently received the highest award available in the section – The Chief Scout Bronze Award.  A great big well done to Mason and Tristan, who were presented with their awards by Paul our GSL.  To achieve this badge they had to complete all the six challenge badges, along with at least…


Our Beaver quiz team of Emma, Georgia, Kieran and William represented Blacktoft Beacon at the County Quiz this afternoon.  There were seven teams from all over Humberside competing in a very close competition.  Whilst the questions were marked Beavers played some parachute games, made rockets and sang some campfire songs.  After the counting of the…

Children in Need

Tonight Beavers took part in the #JumpForPudsey Challenge.  We had five different jumping challenges – with a skipping rope, with a beanbag between our knees, over a roll mat, whilst throwing a ball and in and out of a hoop.  Each challenge was done for 30 seconds, and we counted the number of jumps we…

Quiz Winners!

Well done to the two teams of Hessle Beavers who entered the Blacktoft Beacon Quiz this afternoon, along with a team from Snaith Rawcliffe Bridge.  One team – Alex, Mason, Sam and Tristan – finished in joint second place with the boys from Snaith Rawcliffe Bridge.  Our other team – Emma, Georgia, Kieran and William…

Mad Scientists

During half term Hessle Beavers took part in a Mad Scientist Sleepover. We started the event by joining the Humber Bridge Country Park Rangers building hibernation dens, first of all small ones in pieces of drain pipe for insects, and then larger ones using logs and sticks in the woods for small animals. We then…


We have just heard the total amount we raised from the Sport Relief Mile held earlier this year at Swanland Playing Fields, where we saw local people running one, three or six miles in aid of Sport Relief. The money has been counted up and Swanland raised a total of £1,360.65. This year’s Sport Relief…


As part of their World Challenge badge, Beavers have to meet someone who serves the community, and we were delighted to welcome Les to the scout den.  He told us all about his job as a paramedic, and then helped us to practice some of our bandaging skills.  We also invested Freddie as our newest…


As part of our Global Issues activity badge, Beavers made their own water filters from plastic bottles, along with some fabric, cotton wool, sand and pebbles.  They were very successful, turning the brown muddy water clean again.  

A Million Hands

This week Hessle Beavers have completed the final part of their ‘A Million Hands’ project / Community Impact badge with a visit to the The Weir Hotel Residential Care Home.  As part of this project we had a talk from Dementia Friends earlier this year.  We then collect wool, buttons and ribbons which a group…


As part of their navigator badge, last week Beavers each drew their own maps of the route of our hike, and tonight they successfully followed them.  Along the way we also did a bit of geocaching, first of all finding one that someone else has hidden – well done to Elliott for finding it.  We…

Go-Karts and Grass Sledging

For our last night of the term we had some fun at Raywell on the go-karts and grass sledging. A great time was had by everyone in the sunshine – parents and Beavers! We finished the evening with Paul, our GSL, presenting Chief Scout Bronze Awards to James, Callum and James – well done to…

St George’s Day

Beavers had a fun day at the 2016 St George’s Activity Day and Parade at Beverley Race Course, along with lots of other Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and leaders from both Blacktoft Beacon and City of Hull districts.  In the morning they undertook many activities:  decorating the dragon ready for the parade, making windmills and…


We completed three challenges as part of the 30 years of Beavers celebrations tonight.  The first was tying knots on a piece of rope.  Each Beaver attempted to tie a reef knot, clove hitch and shoelace knot with varying degrees of success!  We have decorated the scout den with the results to see if our…


Beavers had fun making and eating pancakes tonight, with lots of gooey filling combinations.  We also played some team games with the parachute, and had a pancake flipping race!  

Beaver Skills Challenge

One of the criteria for our Beaver Skills Challenge badge is to find out about looking after our teeth.  We were delighted to welcome two visitors, Chris and Rachel from local dental practice Mydentist.  They explained to the Beavers how to clean their teeth correctly and talked about foods that are good and bad for…

Beavers 30th Birthday Postcard Swap

Hessle Beavers are taking part in the Beavers 30th Birthday Postcard swap.  Last term as part of our Digital Citizen Badge we made postcards, and this week we went on a short hike to post them.  We hope to get lots in return and are making a map of them to see where all the…

Beaver Christmas

We had fun at our Beavers Christmas party.  Lots of games, musical bumps, musical statues and our favourite of the night – build a snowman! We also invested three of our new Beavers – Robert, Elliott and George, as well as saying goodbye to two others – Finley who is moving up to Cherokee Cubs…


During November Beavers completed their Faith Activity Badge.  This included a visit to All Saints Church in Hessle where Revd Barbara told the Beavers a story about doing their best and helping other people.  They then completed a treasure hunt around church and each lodge wrote a prayer which they read out to everyone. The…

Beaver Promise

Tonight our five newest Beavers – Charlie, Georgia, James, Kieran and William made their promise. Welcome to Hessle Beavers!

Tesco Farm to Fork

Hessle Beavers have visited Tesco to complete their ‘Farm to Fork’ badge.  As part of this we had a look along the cheese counter to find our favourite cheeses, looked at the fruit and veg to find out all the different countries that it comes from, went inside the freezer to see how cold it…

Beavers at Group Camp 2015

Sixteen Beavers have had a fantastic weekend as part of Hessle Scout Group 2015 Group Camp. We spent the weekend at Bradley Wood Campsite near Brighouse.  This year the camp was organised by the Scout section with a police theme.  We had lots of adventures, building police cars, undertaking challenges, cooking on fires, building bridges,…

Beaver Adventures at Melton Bottom

Beavers spent their last meeting of the summer term at Melton Bottom camp site, completing some activities towards their Adventure Challenge Award.  Everyone there had a go at crate stacking – testing their balance up in the air, and slacklining – balancing on webbing whilst walking both forwards and backwards.  Beavers also completed a blindfold…

Day trip to Sewerby

Hessle Beavers have had a fantastic day out at Sewerby and Bridlington.  We traveled by train from Hull to Bridlington (with many thanks to Northern Rail for their assistance), and then walked from the railway station to the land train on the sea front, where we climbed aboard for a trip up to Sewerby Hall…

County Beaver Fun Day

Hessle Beavers have had a fantastic day, taking part in the County Beaver Fun Day at Raywell.  The event had an international theme, with each district being allocated a different country.  As Blacktoft Beacon we were part of Japan, and a big thanks to Kirkella and Unit 50 of the 23rd World Scout Jamboree who brought…

Humber Rescue

As part of their World Challenge badge Hessle Beavers have to meet someone who serves in the local community – and who better than the fantastic guys at Humber Rescue.  Beavers got to try on some of the equipment, find out how they use their radios, and best of all sit on the lifeboat.

Fluffy Chicks!

Thank you to James and his mum for bringing in some 5 day old baby chicks to see us!

Beavers Hike along the Humber

Hessle Beavers undertook a practice hike this week, in preparation for the Hessle Scout Group sponsored walk on 9 May.  It was a lovely evening to be down by the river, and the Beavers walked at a fantastic pace whilst throwing lots of stones into the water.

Scouting Awards Presented

At the Blacktoft Beacon District AGM on Thursday, some of Hessle Scout Groups leaders were presented with Scouting awards by Linda, our District Commissioner. Margaret from Cherokee Cubs received her 5 Years Service Award, Josh from Scouts and Wendy from Beavers have now completed their leader training so received their Wood Badge. These are 2…

Beavers Invested

This week our newest 5 Beavers were invested by Malak and Tic Tac. They are now full members of the Colony and can start earning badges!

Green Cross Code

Beavers have started working on their next badges for the summer term, Outdoor Challenge, Safety Activity and Adventure Activity Badges. Tonight we learnt about the Green Cross Code, and then went out and about to learn how to cross the roads in Hessle safely using a zebra crossing and a pelican crossing. Our two young leaders…

Swimming up to Cubs

Also this week we said goodbye to our 5 oldest Beavers as they swam up the river to Arapaho Cubs. Malak, Tic Tac & Keeo will be going to their first night of Cubs after Easter to watch them renew their promise as Cubs and award them their Moving on Award. We are sad to…

Egg Drop Challenge

On Wednesday 26 February the Beavers were set a challenge.  They had to undertake various activities to earn points to buy items to make a parachute for an egg.  We then dropped the egg from height to see if it survived.  As you can see by their faces, there was much excitement and anticipation!

Table Top Event 2014

Today Hessle Scout Group held a table top sale in Hessle’s church hall to help raise funds for maintenance of the scout den.  We had a brilliant turn out from the public (including Alan Johnson, MP for West Hull and Hessle!), helpers, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers.  On sale were buns, toys, jewellery and we…

Beaver Show and Tell

During this term, as part of their Health and Fitness Badge, Beavers are telling us about the different sports and activities they take part in.  We have had talks on swimming, judo, tennis, football, dancing, athletics and kayaking so far.  

Beavers Invested

Thanks to Audrey Harris for investing our seven new Beavers, as well as presenting Connor Daniel with his Bronze Chief Scout Award.  They are all wearing their new badges and neckers with pride.