Cycling the Humber

Arapaho Cubs put their cycle maintenance and road safety skills to the test by going for a bike ride over the Humber Bridge. Well done!


Cherokee Cubs have been working towards their cyclist activity badge, completing a bike ride across the Humber Bridge one week, and learning about bicycle maintenance, mending punctures and safety at the den the other week. They also took part in a slow bike race, showing their skill and control whilst riding and produced a display…

Speedy Cyclists

As part of our cyclist badge, Rusty demonstrated how to pump our bicycle tyres, Keeo and Malak checked everyone was wearing their helmet correctly and a hi-viz jacket, and then we managed to cycle and scooter across the Humber Bridge and back in record time. We had some fantastic sunset views on the way back….

Loving the Outdoors

Cherokee Cubs are loving being outside, no matter what the weather. They have completed another three week rotation of activities, this time undertaking cycle maintenance and skills in the local supermarket car park, a local hike – making use of a map as part of their navigator badge, and holding a pack forum, a map…


Beavers completed their cyclist badge in perfect weather.  We cycled from the Humber Bridge Car Park over to the bridge tower on the south bank of the Humber and back.  Thanks to all the parents that joined us to make the trip possible.

Bike Festival

Cherokee Cubs had a fun evening at the Bike Festival at Goole Academy.  They got to race against each other, try out lots of unusual bicycles, and watch the 3Sixty bicycle stunt team.  This event also helped them work towards their cyclist badge.