Harvest Festival

Hessle Beavers have completed their Faith Activity Badge this term. We painted giant fruit and vegetables to decorate the church, and collected produce to take to be donated to the Hessle Foodbank. Whilst in church Revd Gemma told us the story of the Good Samaritan, and we invested five of our new Beavers, Alice, Arthur,…

Welcome to Cherokee

Two Beavers completed their swim up the river, and were invested into Cherokee Cubs, welcome to Isaac and Lily.

Welcome to Arapaho

Three Beavers completed their swim up the river and were invested into Arapaho Cubs. Welcome to Jude, Oliver and Toby.

Welcome to Cherokee

Cherokee Cubs invested six new Cubs this term, welcome to Zachary, Joshua, Louise, Harrison, Sophie and Christopher. We also completed our Athletics badge down near Hessle Foreshore. Lots of running, jumping, throwing and a sports day to conclude, with the yellow six winning the event. Alfie was also presented with his Cub of the Camp…

Welcome to Beavers

This term we have welcomed six new Beavers to our colony. We hope Archie, Arthur, Lucas, Norman,, Rowan and Zoe are enjoying their adventures with us.

Welcome to Navajo

Navajo Scouts invested four new members into the Troop, before building fires and cooking sausages for hot dogs on the Foreshore.

Welcome to Beavers

It’s been a term of lots of new faces, as we invested several new young people into our colony.

Welcome to Cubs

Several young people moved up from Beavers at the end of the last half term. They have now re-made their promise as a Cub, with Zach and Ben joining Cherokee and Freddie joining Arapaho.

Welcome to Beavers

This term we have invested three new Beavers. We hope they enjoy their fun and adventures with us.

Sixer and Seconders

At the start of the Autumn term, Arapaho learnt who their new sixers and seconders were and were sorted into their new sixes. We talked about our summers, played some games and invested a new Cub.

Welcome to Cherokee

Cherokee welcomed two new Cubs this when Polly and Grace were invested. We hope they went on to enjoy their first camp!

Welcome to Beavers

Beavers have welcomed five new members to the colony, Daniel, Iris, Isaac, Lily and William.

Welcome to Beavers

We have invested four new Beavers and a Leader into our section this term. Welcome to Jude, Neo, Toby, Zachary and Malak!

Welcome to Beavers

We’ve invested lots of new Beavers this term, welcome to Albie, Freddie, Harry, Jesse, Joshua, Leo.

Chief Scout Bronze Award

Whilst visiting Humber Rescue we were delighted to be able to invest new Beaver Lizzie, present Chief Scout Bronze Awards to Summer, Aiden and Alfie, and watch five of our Beavers swim up the river to Cubs. A busy evening!

Welcome to Arapaho

Arapaho Cubs have recently invested nine new members to their pack whilst visiting Raywell Park, welcome everyone!

Welcome to Cherokee

Cherokee Cubs have welcomed two new members, Ellie-Mae and Fred, who made their promise before taking part in activities at Raywell Park.

Bugs and Natural Things

Tonight we invested our five new Beavers, welcome to Ben, Iris, Marlarae, Michael and Ryan. Then, as part of their Outdoor Challenge badge Beavers have been making pictures from natural things, firstly a mode of transport, and then an animal. They have also been bug hunting and identifying what they have found.

Zoom Investitures

Another first for Hessle Beavers took place this week, when we invested six of our new members during our Zoom meeting. Thanks to parents for their assistance with presenting the neckers, certificates and badges.

Welcome to Hessle Beavers

Six new young people have been invested into Hessle Beavers, welcome to Alfie, Aiden, Arthur, Isaac, Libbie and Summer. We then had a fun evening undertaking some problem solving challenges.

Welcome to Arapaho

Hugo and Henry completed their swim up the Beaver river and into the Cub Den, and have now been invested into Arapaho Cubs.

Welcome to Cherokee

Bethany, Bradley, Charlie and Joseph completed their swim up the Beaver river and into the Cub Den, and have now been invested into Cherokee Cubs.

Welcome to Beavers

Two new members were invested into Hessle Beavers, welcome to Oscar and Seb.

Welcome to Beavers

Four new Beavers have made their promise, and been invested into Hessle Beavers.

Welcome to Cherokee

Cherokee have welcomed and invested lots of new Cubs this term, some who have just swam up the river from Beavers and others new to scouting. They were invested in the sunshine in some of our favourite places, Hessle Foreshore and Raywell Park.

Welcome to Cherokee

Cherokee Cubs welcomed seven new members recently, as well as presenting our young leader, Nitin, with his Module A certificate and leader Emma with her 10 year service award.  Well done everyone.


Congratulations to Bradley, Charlie and Matilda who have made their promise and been invested into Hessle Beavers


Seven new Beavers have been invested.  Welcome to Alfie, Arthur, Ava, Oliver, Philip, Seraphina and Zico.


Four new Cubs have been invested into Cherokee.  Isabelle and Douglas during our walk around the Fish Trail in Hull City Centre, and Jacob and Oliver in the den.


Cherokee Cubs enjoyed their first meeting after the summer holidays, trying out the new hungry hippos game.  It was a big hit, great fun and we saw some brilliant teamwork! Four Beavers also finished swimming up the river and into the cub den.  They were then invested as Cubs.  Welcome to Alex, Georgia, Kieran and…

Beaver Promise

Welcome to Alfie, Clementine, Gilby, Harry and Mason, our five newest members who have made their promise and been invested into the Colony!  


Tonight our three Beavers, Kian, Millie and Ryder, completed their swim up the river and renewed their promise as Cubs.  Welcome to Arapaho!  

Beaver Promise

Tonight our five newest Beavers – Charlie, Georgia, James, Kieran and William made their promise. Welcome to Hessle Beavers!

Investing in the Woods!

Also while we were at Nut Wood this week, our newest two members, Emma and Luke, were invested. They got a little soggy but that’s all part of the fun! Welcome to Hessle Beavers Emma and Luke!

Welcome to Cherokee

This week our 3 newest members made their promise as Cub Scouts and became members of Cherokee Cub Pack. For Danny this was his first time, whilst Fred & Tom swam up the river from Beavers. Welcome to you all!

New Beavers Invested

This week our 5 new Beavers finished swimming up the river and renewed their promise as full members of Cherokee Cub Pack! Welcome to Sam, Jacob, Edward, Ethan & Tom!

Road Safety, Science & Shoeboxes

This week we split up into groups to do a few different things. The Sixers helped put together our shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, with donations everyone has been bringing in as part of the Global Challenge. Those that hadn’t completed their Science Activity Badge went off to set beans and cress off growing,…


Also this week we had some investitures to do. For those who made their promise at The Deep; Josh, Oliver, Owen, William, Amelia, Tabitha, Hannah & Josh, it was a reenactment so their families could watch. For William it was his turn to swim up the river from Beavers and renew his promise as a…