Pack Night & Badge Work

The youngest cubs were making a Christmas decoration working towards their creativity badge. The middle group were having a talk on internet security & internet activity working towards their Information Technology Part 1 badge. The older group were designing a computer game using a Raspberry Pi (a basic PC) working towards their Information Technology badge…

Pack Night – 18th March

Over the past 2 weeks the middle group have been working towards their fitness challenge. Last week the cubs created a chart to record what food they ate and practiced some simple exercises they could do at home to keep fit. This week they took it to the next level. They helped to make Raksha’s…

Raywell – 11th June

This week the Cubs were at Raywell for their activities. The older group completed their pioneering challenge to gain their badge, the middle group were cooking on an open fire and the younger group were completing a sisal trail and had a go on a section of the assault course.  

Little Swizterland – 26th March

This week the Cubs went down to Little Swizterland. The older group enjoyed backwards cooking with help from the Scouts. The middle group made Sudan chairs and had a race. The younger group investigated disabled access around the country park.