Night Hike

At a recent pack forum, Cherokee Cubs requested to go for a hike in the dark, so that’s what we did. The sixers and seconders planned the route from Melton Bottom to Welton, and then helped their sixes navigate their way in the dark.

Wolds Challenge 2021

Well done to our two teams of Explorers that took part in the Wolds Challenge. This event is a test of navigation, route finding and team work, as well as a walking challenge with Explorers travelling 17 miles during the day. A particular congratulations to Team D who completed the route in 5 hours 17 minutes, finishing…

Speedy Cyclists

As part of our cyclist badge, Rusty demonstrated how to pump our bicycle tyres, Keeo and Malak checked everyone was wearing their helmet correctly and a hi-viz jacket, and then we managed to cycle and scooter across the Humber Bridge and back in record time. We had some fantastic sunset views on the way back….


Beavers loved their visit to Pickering Road Community Orchard. We had a tour of the wildlife garden and woodland walk, we tasted lots of different varieties of apples, saw how mistletoe grows on another tree, had a drink of apple juice, walked the labyrinth, and best of all we got to pick some apples direct…

Humber Rescue

Beavers have been working towards their Safety Activity Badge, and to link with water safety we visited Humber Rescue. The crew shared their knowledge and experience with us, and we got to have a close up look at the boats and the kit they have to wear.

Chief Scout Bronze Award

Whilst visiting Humber Rescue we were delighted to be able to invest new Beaver Lizzie, present Chief Scout Bronze Awards to Summer, Aiden and Alfie, and watch five of our Beavers swim up the river to Cubs. A busy evening!

Welcome to Arapaho

Arapaho Cubs have recently invested nine new members to their pack whilst visiting Raywell Park, welcome everyone!

Raywell Fun Day

Beavers had a great time completing activities towards their Camp Craft Activity badge, alongside some adventurous activities. We put up a tent, made pot bags, had fun in the cavebus, on pedal karts, and orienteering around Raywell Park. We then collected wood, to build and light a fire to cook our tea on. An excellent…

Chief Scout Silver Award

Congratulations to Cherokee Cubs Ava and Alexander on achieving their Chief Scout Silver Award. Charlotte, our GSL, presented them before Cubs went off for a hike around Nut Wood, where they found some dens to shelter from the rain.

Nut Wood Dens

For part of the Outdoor Challenge badge Beavers have to make something to help animals in the wild. We had a visit to Nut Wood and made minature dens from sticks, moss and leaves for the small animals that live there, such as hedgehogs, squirrels, mice, voles and badgers.

Cooking in Oranges

Explorers have continued their cooking theme this term, with another visit to Raywell Park. This time they experimented with cooking in oranges in the embers of the fire.


Arapaho Cubs have been focusing on the benefits of working as a team. They took part in peer-led blindfold courses, problem solving activities and learned how to put up and take down tents.

Chief Scout Silver Award

Congratulations to Cherokee Cubs Fraser, Harrison and Owen who have all achieved their Chief Scout Silver Awards.


During lockdowns there were just some things that were hard to do at home and on Zoom, so Cherokee Cubs have had a couple of weeks of completing missing bits of badges. We’ve sawn wood, made rope, identified garden tools, walked around the local area and drawn our own map, completed problem solving activities, compass…

Welcome to Cherokee

Cherokee Cubs have welcomed two new members, Ellie-Mae and Fred, who made their promise before taking part in activities at Raywell Park.

Ready for camping….

Explorers spent the evening pitching their new expedition tents and finished the night putting up the bell tent which they will use as a base camp and communal space on future camps.

Bugs and Natural Things

Tonight we invested our five new Beavers, welcome to Ben, Iris, Marlarae, Michael and Ryan. Then, as part of their Outdoor Challenge badge Beavers have been making pictures from natural things, firstly a mode of transport, and then an animal. They have also been bug hunting and identifying what they have found.

Loving the Outdoors

Cherokee Cubs are loving being outside, no matter what the weather. They have completed another three week rotation of activities, this time undertaking cycle maintenance and skills in the local supermarket car park, a local hike – making use of a map as part of their navigator badge, and holding a pack forum, a map…


As part of their Adventure Challenge Beavers have enjoyed collecting wood to build a small fire, which they then lit safely using matches, and toasted marshmallows to make smores. Thank you to everyone that saved their biscuit tins for us.

Somewhere under the rainbow!

We had lots of Beavers earning their very first Hikes badge tonight. We went for a walk around the fields near Hessle Mount Farm, with Beavers following the map as part of their Navigator badge. We got a bit wet again, but it was worth it to see the double rainbow.

Rain didn’t stop play!

We may have got a bit wet, but we still had fun! Beavers completed part of their Global Issues badge tonight, making a water filter using a plastic bottle, fabric, cotton wool, sand, stones and muddy water, with some excellent results. We also saw some great teamwork whilst playing chair hockey.

Cooking Challenge

Explorers completed a cooking challenge. Working with a variety of stoves that they might encounter on hikes or camps, some were challenged to soft boil an egg and others to hard boil one!

Chief Scout Awards

Congratulations to three of our young people on achieving their Chief Scout Awards. GSL Charlotte was delighted to present a Gold Award to Sam, achieved whilst he was with Apache Scouts, and Platinum Awards to Dan and Charlotte, achieved whilst they have been Explorers.

Fires, Gadgets and Bugs

Cherokee Cubs have spent their first few weeks back face to face meeting in smaller groups. They have each learnt how to light and extinguish a fire at Raywell for their Backwoods Cooking badge, build a camp gadget using the knots we learnt on zoom at the Scout Den for their Pioneer badge, and identify…

Den Building

Arapaho Cubs went to Bridgehead Woods to build some shelters surrounded by the bluebells. We were very impressed with all of the dens, especially as they designed them with no direction from the leaders. Well done Cubs, great teamwork!

Explorers Exploring

Explorers met up outdoors for the first time in over a year, for a socially distanced walk around Elloughton, followed by presentation of new name tapes for uniforms. Everyone enjoyed the fresh air and the chat.

Spring Gardening

Hessle Beavers and Leaders have loved being able to meet face to face in the sunshine. We have started to work towards our Gardener Activity Badge, planting sunflowers and starting a diary to see how they grow, making seed bombs, grass heads, and fat balls for the birds, as well as understanding what different garden…

Chief Scout’s Bronze Award

Congratulations to four Hessle Beavers – Eleanor, Isaac, Libbie and Oscar – who were tonight presented with their Chief Scout’s Bronze Award by our GSL Charlotte. This is the top award for Beavers.  It shows that they are adventurous, have helped the local community and learnt about the world.  It also means that they have…

Chief Scout’s Silver Award

Congratulations to four Cherokee Cubs – Jack, Leila, Elijah and Tilly – who were tonight presented with their Chief Scout’s Silver Award by our GSL Charlotte. This is the top award for Cub Scouts.  It shows that they are adventurous, have helped the local community and learnt about the world.  It also means that they…

Skills for Life

Arapaho Cubs have learnt and practiced some Life Skills, including ironing, putting on the washing, making hot drinks and cutting and peeling vegetables. By using these skills to help other people and do a good turn every day, they’ve been keeping their Promise and Law in mind, as well as completing parts of their Our…

Art for Everyone

Cherokee Cubs welcomed artist Steve to their meeting this week, for some fun and creativity. Using modelling clay, and following Steve’s excellent tuition, they made models of themselves, with some brilliant results.

Soda Bread

As Apache Scouts met on St Patrick’s Day this week, they made some Irish soda bread, as part of their Creative Challenge Badge. It both looks and tasted delicious.

Mothering Sunday

Thank you to all our Mums, who have helped us carry on scouting during the last year. In normal times we would have been on church parade this morning, bringing home a small posy of flowers for Mum. We hope all our Beaver Mums like their cards and gifts.


Arapaho Cubs met up with Trinity Cubs from Hull to use their imagination whilst building Lego structures, under the tutelage of fellow Scouter Mark the Lego Man from Bricktopia.

Hull Reform Synagogue

As part of their World Challenge and World Faiths badges, Cherokee Cubs paid a virtual visit to Hull Reform Synagogue. Aimi and Laura were brilliant, providing the Cubs with information sheets in advance and then guiding us around the synagogue, explaining about the different festivals they celebrate and showing us the many different items they…

Bird Boxes

Cherokee continued their bird theme for this term, by making nest boxes for small birds that appear in their garden. Baloo kindly cut the wood for everyone, but Cubs, with supervision from parents, built the box making use of screwdrivers, hammers, sandpaper and tape measures. Their challenge for the week is to paint or varnish…


Cherokee Cubs practiced their pancake making skills last week. We hope they are making them for the whole family today!

Batterman Saves the Day!

Several of our Beavers had little bits of their Challenge Badges to complete to achieve their Chief Scout Bronze Award, so with a bit of teamwork and a sleepover at home, Batterman and 16 Beaver friends have helped them along the way. We made rafts, decorated and rolled eggs, completed a scavenger hunt, made pancakes…

Welcome to Beavers

Three new Beavers have made their promise and been invested into Hessle Scout Group. Welcome to Daniel, Teddy and William.

Emergency Aid

Beavers practiced their first aid skills this week – cleaning a wound, applying a plaster and a bandage – and then putting someone into the recovery position. Thank you to all our willing patients!

Seeing Stars

Arapaho Cubs are working towards their Astronomer Activity Badge. They learnt about the solar system and constellations. Can anyone guess what this Cub’s star sign is?

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

In preparation for the Big Garden Birdwatch Cherokee Cubs had a bird themed evening. We played bird matching and naming games, we made bird feeders, danced to the birdie song and made origami pigeons! This weekend we will all be watching carefully in our gardens to see what birds appear. Why not join in too…

Lego Map Symbols

As part of their Navigator badge, Beavers have been learning map symbols, by making them out of lego bricks. We also looked at a map of Hessle and identified lots of local features, and worked out what we should take in our rucksacks when we can eventually all go on a hike together.

Air Activities

Arapaho Cubs have welcomed several new members to their pack this term. As well as getting to know each other by sharing their name using the phonetic alphabet, the have been making paper aeroplanes.

Home Helps

Cherokee Cubs completed the next part of their Home Help Activity Badge, cleaning and tidying the living room and ironing their neckers. Let’s hope they keep using these skills every day during lockdown!

Fire Breathing Dragons!

Beavers loved their talk and demonstration by Liz Million last night. She explained how to draw different types of animals, with differing facial expressions, and we all had a go too with some fantastic results.


As part of their Communicator Activity Badge Beavers made their own semaphore flags, and practiced spelling out compound words. They have also learnt their phone numbers, solved a simple code and sent the answer to TicTac via text message or Whatsapp.

Christmas Fun

For their last meeting of the term, Beavers made their own Christmas decorations – we painted salt dough shapes, made a snowman star, a bauble, and a special scout decoration to remember our virtual scouting in 2020.

Bronze Chief Scout Award

Congratulations to Joseph on achieving his Bronze Chief Scout Award, and commencing his swim up the river to Cubs.