Hessle & 1st Laceby Beavers Blastoff!

Two colonies joined together for a sleepover and completed their space and builder activity badges.  Staying in the Nyeri Centre at Raywell Park they made spacesuits and helmets, with a jetpack for their back as well as pot bags so that the Beavers do not lose their cutlery and crockery at future sleepovers.  Outdoor games were the planet solar system game as well as the robotic arm challenge.  We went outdoors to look at the stars, and then recreated the constellations on biscuits, as well as hunting for planets in the dark orchard.  We learnt about the different phases of the moon and made rocket and planet keyrings and straw rockets.  As always the lego challenge of building a space buggy and rocket ship were very popular and  Beavers made their own planet pizzas for tea.  We completed our event wearing the spaceman outfits, firing rockets and have a nerf gun space battle!  Much fun was had by all, the Beavers were a pleasure to spend time with and made many new friends.