Space Sleepover


This weekend the Beavers have been into outer space on their sleepover!

They arrived on Friday afternoon and were split up into their space shuttle teams; Atlantis, Enterprise, Challenger & Discovery, ready to start the afternoons activities. They got creative making space suits, helmets, jet packs, model shuttles and stars in jars. They also played some team games.

For tea they made their own planet pizzas from scratch and while they were cooking went outside to do some star gazing. They managed to spot Orion and Jupiter in between the clouds!

After tea there was chance for a few more team games before hot chocolate and bed. The Beavers snuggled down in their sleeping bags whilst watching Space Chimps & Wall-e. The leaders were very impressed that everyone was asleep by 12:30!

After a not too early start of 7:00am it was up and dressed ready for breakfast with lots of Beavers enjoying the camp tradition of eggy bread for the first time. Once everyone’s beds were packed away we got on with making flying saucers, pinatas, water bottle rockets and constellation cakes for lunch. Everyone got chance to go outside and shoot their rockets off on the field too.¬†After lunch everyone got dressed up ready for blast-off! We played a few more team games and whacked open our pinatas before parents arrived to take their astronauts home!

The leaders were very impressed with all the Beavers behaviour and hope they had a great time!