18th May – Hessle Open Gardens

The Explorers help prepare the community minibus for the leaders to provide a bus service for the annual Hessle Open Gardens. The Open Gardens is a fund raiser for many local charities and Hessle Scout Group has benefitted from this with funds to kick start our new outdoor activity area. This year we are helping…

Backwoods Cooking and Fire safety

Over the last few weeks the cubs have been working for their backwoods cooking and fire safety badges. For their backwoods cooking badge they have learnt how to prepare a fire and then light it with a flint and steel. The cubs have also learnt how to cook items on a stick as well as…

17th May 2014 – Welton Waters Activity Centre

On Saturday 17th May 2014 we took the Explorers to Welton Waters Activity Centre www.wwac.org.uk for the RYA Push The Boat Out event http. This was a fantastic opportunity to spend the day on the water trying out new sports. The team had a go at Windsurfing, Kayaking, Canoeing, pull boat sailing, dinghy sailing and jetty…

Alter Fires at Raywell – 10th May

This week we were up at Raywell to do some cooking on alter fires. This went towards the new Backwoods Cooking Activity Badge. Despite the rain, we managed to get 2 fires going using a flint stick. Whilst they died down ready to cook on, the Cubs went in search of green sticks to hold…

Sam is Invested

Hessle Scout Troop added yet another leader to the happy gang as Sam Cooke was recently invested as an Assistant Scout Leader.  Having completed her initial training, Audrey Harris, Humberside Scouts Training Advisor, paid a surprise visit to invest Sam whilst the Troop were ‘training hard’, working towards their Fitness Challenge (hence the lack of uniforms).

8th May 2014 – Whittling challenge

While the Explorers were waiting for their turn in the rifle range they were set a whittling challenge. They were all given a piece of branch each and set about carving a walking stick. The Explorers interpretation of carving and whittling gave some interesting results. All fingers remained intact.

8th May 2014 – Snipers

On Thursday 8th May 2014 the Explorers under the supervision of Sean the Scout Leader took to the range for a bit of sniper training. It was a good night up at Raywell air rifle range with some good scores. It’s been a while since we last had a shoot and the team really enjoyed…

A Night at Raywell

This week we were up at Raywell Park for some outdoor activities. We took part in a scavenger hunt around the site looking for things such as something straight, something that feels rough and an interesting rock! We also had a go at a sisal trail. In pairs, one Beaver was blindfolded and the other…

Poppy Seed Planting 03/05/2014

Today members of Hessle Scout Group were invited to help plant poppy seeds in All Saints Hessle Church grounds. The poppies commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of World War 1. This is the churches way of remembering all those who gave up their lives from Hessle and the surrounding areas. It was a…

1st May 2014 – Jane is invested

On Thursday 1st May 2014 Jane was invested as a leader by Audrey the District Training Manager. Jane has been in an adult support role since the unit officially started in 2008 supporting Paul but hasn’t gone into uniform until now as she was the chairperson of the Group Executive committee. We welcome Jane in…

27th April 2014 – Explorer Wolds Challenge Award

At the St. George’s Day Parade on Sunday 27th April Hessle Explorer team 2 were awarded a certificate for the fasted Explorer team in Blacktoft Beacon district in the Wolds Challenge hike event. This was presented by Linda the District Commissioner. This is a fantastic achievement and demonstrated Hessle Explorers commitment to the district. Well…

Green Cross Code

Beavers have started working on their next badges for the summer term, Outdoor Challenge, Safety Activity and Adventure Activity Badges. Tonight we learnt about the Green Cross Code, and then went out and about to learn how to cross the roads in Hessle safely using a zebra crossing and a pelican crossing. Our two young leaders…

Beaver Leaders Invested

On 30 April 2014 Malak and Tic Tac were invested as Beaver Leaders.  They received a very loud B R A V O from all the Beavers.

St Georges Day Parade April 2014

Sun 27 April saw the St Georges Day Parade, this year Blacktoft Beacon District Event at the Beverley race course. The Cubs enjoyed a fun packed day that included; a climbing wall –  a BouncyCastle – Pioneering – Mini-pioneering with canes and elastic bands – Glass engraving – Bungee  Slide – Handicraft – Badge Making  – Face Painting – Bows & Arrows – Lassoing…

28th April – Josh’s Judo

This week Josh brought his Judo things down to show the pack. By doing this he earnt himself his hobbies and martial arts badge. Well done Josh! If anyone else takes part in sports or hobbies apart from Cubs, bring any equipment or certificates in and you may earn a badge!

Easter Buns April 2014

The Cubs baked & decorated their own Easter buns. The Cubs melted the chocolate themselves, The Cubs designed & decorated the buns themselves then ate them all up  

Swimming up to Cubs

Also this week we said goodbye to our 5 oldest Beavers as they swam up the river to Arapaho Cubs. Malak, Tic Tac & Keeo will be going to their first night of Cubs after Easter to watch them renew their promise as Cubs and award them their Moving on Award. We are sad to…

Easter Egg Hunt

Tonight was our last meeting before the Easter Holidays, so we had some fun! The Explorers set up an Egg Hunt in the church grounds while we made a basket to collect the eggs in. After finding almost all of them, we played some games for the rest of the night. Before it was home…

4th – 6th April 2014 – Young Leader Training Weekend

Four of our Explorers started the Young Leader Training programme at the weekend at Raywell Scout Park.  This involves the completion of training modules delivered by the Humberside Young Leaders training team which earn them a badge and certificate. Over the weekend they put in a lot of hours in lectures and training. They now have…

22nd March 2014 – Wold Challenge Hike

Our Explorers entered 2 teams in the Wold Challenge hike this year. This is a navigation, map and route planning challenge.  The route concentrates on navigating over the moorland and some hills with a mixture of fields and lowland valleys, farmland and woods; the navigation is the key to success.  Our teams did fantastic with…

8th March 2014 – Spring Hike

Explorers took part in a navigation challenge against the clock. At each checkpoint they had a navigation challenge to complete before receiving the next 6 figure grid reference to navigate to.  The morning finished in the pub for hot coffee and snacks.

1st March 2014 – Explorers go fencing

Not quite what the Explorers had in mind when we offered them the chance to go fencing on a Saturday morning.  We supported the Group again with the erection of the security fencing for the new outdoor activity area. They were rewarded with bacon sandwiches by June the Scout Group mother.

27th February 2014 – Explorers Own

The team organised a “Cube” style set of challenges which involved balancing balls, catching balls in cups and lots of coordination skills. Great fun.

13th February 2014 – Pull the cord

We invested in para-cord and clips for the Explorers to learn the art of para-cord weaving to make a practical bracelet with a clip that contained a whistle.  All enjoyed.

6th February 2014 – Trading Post

The Explorers took part in a traditional Scout trading post with a bit of a potato twist at the start of the evening.  They had to peel a potato skin and there were points for the longest single length of peel. This produced some interesting interpretations of the words “single length of peel”.  It was…

January 2014 – Scrum down with the Beavers

3 of our Explorers play for Hessle RUFC under 15’s and they supported the Beavers with their Fitness challenge by delivering rugby union skills and some fitness activities. Both the Explorers and the Beavers had a great night.

16th January 2014 – Team building

The Explorers built on the team spirit they all share with some interesting challenges which encouraged working together to achieve the goal.

11th January 2014 – Explorers lead the way with new project

The Explorers provided a strong labour force to assist with the new outdoor activity area at the Scout HQ. They helped with the clearing of the ground in preparation for the new security fencing, door and paving.  Some of them even got to drive the JCB.  

3rd April 2014 – Alternative Cookers

This week the Explorers set about making a new kind of cooker. It involved a large tin can, tin foil and a grill. They used charcoal as their heat source, which some were more successful at using than others!

Cooking on the Foreshore

This week we were down on the foreshore. We made some fires and cooked on them. Also this week, our newest members who have come up from Arapaho Cubs made their promise.

Country Park Hike

This week we went on our first hike.  In 2 groups, we walked around the Humber Bridge Country Park. Whilst walking round we collected numbers and letters from small plaques in front of some of the trees, to complete the Friends of the Humber Bridge Country Park Tree Trail.

Sedan Chairs

This week we split into groups and made sedan chairs. The majority of the group managed to successfully carry someone on their chair!

Progress of the Outside Cooking Area

This Saturday a few Leaders and Explorers were down at the den to help lay the block paving in our soon to be outside cooking area. The sand and bricks almost filled the entire area so the Explorers help in moving the blocks one by one was very much appreciated!  The edge blocks were cemented…

Mother’s Day Church Parade

This Sunday Hessle Scout Group went on Church Parade for Mothering Sunday. This was a first for Hessle Beavers so our new flag and Billy Beaver were blessed by Reverend Tim. All the Beavers helped give out flowers to ladies in the congregation.

How To Make a Stove from a Single Log (Swedish Torch)

 Commonly known as a ‘Swedish Torch’, this simple outdoor cooking method not only provides you the heat you need to cook a delicious meal (or boil a pot of water), but it also comes with a built-in ‘stove top’ to place your pot or pan onto. It’s a tidy and controlled fire that’s quite effective…

Wolds Challenge 2014

On 22nd March, 3 teams from Hessle Scout Troop took part in the Wolds Challenge. This is a competition where they are tested on their map reading abilities and teamwork to see who can complete the 12 mile cross-country course, through all the checkpoints, in the quickest time. For the majority this was their first…

Sport Relief Mile 2014

Hessle Beavers and their families completed 1 mile for Sport Relief on 23rd March. Some of us ran, some of us walked and some did a bit of both! Everyone had a brilliant time and hopefully together we have raised lots of money for a very good cause. If you would like to sponsor us…

Tea & Bisque-it!

We met again this week but this time at Tea & Bisque-it in Willerby. Here we painted some pottery as a Mother’s Day present. They will be varnished and put in a kiln ready for next week. These are the finished products!

Chinese Lanterns 14/03/2014

This week the Scouts did a bit of problem solving. They were given the materials needed to make a Chinese lantern but no instructions. The task went towards their Creative Challenge badge. Lots of different designs were created but unfortunately none of them managed to float successfully.

Egg Drop Challenge

This week we took part in the Egg Drop Challenge. The idea was to work in small teams to protect an egg when dropped from a height. We had to complete a series of 6 small tasks to earn us points. With these points we bought materials to create a parachute to put our egg…

Cooking on Fires 19-03-2014

This week we cooked on fires for the first time at Beavers! We made pitta bread pizzas, they tasted yummy! Thank you very much to Ian & Josh for coming down to help us build them.

13th March 2014 – Fire Brigade take control

We visited the Humberside Fire & Rescue control room at the HQ building.  This was a very interesting evening and really good to see the type of technology at the finger tips of the controllers and the type of incidents they deal with.  We witnessed live incidents and it was an eye opener for the…

Health and Fitness

As part of the Health and Fitness Activity Badge, the Beavers have to learn about personal hygiene.  This week we welcomed three visitors to our meeting.  Chris, a Dentist and Rachael, a Dental Nurse, who spoke out keeping our teeth clean, and Emma a Nurse helped us learn about hand washing.

Egg Drop Challenge

On Wednesday 26 February the Beavers were set a challenge.  They had to undertake various activities to earn points to buy items to make a parachute for an egg.  We then dropped the egg from height to see if it survived.  As you can see by their faces, there was much excitement and anticipation!

Pack Night – 10th March

This week the younger group were finishing off their communications badge. They spelt out words in alphabetti spaghetti and wrote messages in glow in the dark paint. They also all learnt the alphabet in sign language and spelt out their names. Meanwhile the older group were putting the finishing touches to their bird boxes. Also…

Night Walk

This week the Scouts embarked on a walk around the Nut Wood area, being split into two teams they were given some rough instructions of the route (a map was included). Both teams were told to wait at the crossroads. When everybody arrived there was a little surprise for them all. We invested Chloe, Cydney,…

Table Top Event 2014

Today Hessle Scout Group held a table top sale in Hessle’s church hall to help raise funds for maintenance of the scout den.  We had a brilliant turn out from the public (including Alan Johnson, MP for West Hull and Hessle!), helpers, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers.  On sale were buns, toys, jewellery and we…