Bonfire Night

Arapaho and Cherokee Cubs walked down to Hessle Rugby Club to watch their annual firework display – an excellent show as always. Big thanks to the rugby club for our pig pen to keep us safe and hot dogs for supper. Also to Specsavers for our hi-viz jackets, keeping us seen on our walk.

Chief Scout Award “Silver” may 2016

Our Group Scout Leader Paul Daniel presented 4 Arapaho Cubs who have earned the prestigious Silver Chief Scout Award. This is the highest award available to The Cubs. This is an accumulation of 3 years of work & aprox 30 badges. Well Done: James Addinell, Adam Winter, Connor Daniel & Emily Furniss.   The Cubs earned six staged…

May 2016 Ice Skating

The Cubs enjoyed a great night ice skating at the Hull Ice Arena. Some of the Cubs were experiencing ice skating for the first time and some Cubs were very good. Most of the Cubs & Most of the leaders managed to stay upright but there were some Cubs that were unable to stay on…

Apache Scouts

Welcome to Apache Scouts. Apache Scouts is a new troop based within Hessle Scout Group. We meet Wednesday evenings 7pm until 9pm at the Scout HQ (den), Southgate, Hessle, East Yorkshire, HU13 0AD. Our email address is  

Ellis Marsters, The Chief Scouts Commendation

Arapaho Cubs are very proud of Ellis Marsters who has been awarded The Chief Scouts award. The award was presented by Liz Fraser who is our County Commissioner. This is one of the highest award given by the Scout Association. In recognition of his great presence of mind when he witnessed an accident where a man…

Welton Waters Activity Day

The cubs enjoyed a fun afternoon at Welton Waters Activity Park. After struggling into some very tight wetsuits the day began with some Cubs going sailing and others paddling in Rafted Canoes. The sailing involved steering with the rudder, holding the sails, tacking and leaning over the sides to balance. Races were had in the…

Summer Walk

The Cubs completed a 2 1/2 walk last night. The Cubs map reading skills were put to the test as the covered approximately 5 miles between Brantingham and Welton.

Music Night

The Cubs have been working on their music badge. In order to get their badge, the Cubs have to do a short musical performance. The Cubs were asked what musical talents they have, and responded with a fantastic range that included playing a guitar, a violin. a clarinet & a trumpet with some Cubs just…

Dads and Lads (Parents & Guardians) Camp at Walesby Forest June 2015

The Cubs and Parents/Guardians had a fantastic weekend at our annual & traditional dads & lads camp. All the dads joined in with the Cubs doing all the activities that included, making & cooking on open fires, Pioneering, wall climbing, raft building and a good old fashioned game of rounder’s.

Winter Camp Nov 2014

Winter camp is a joint venture with Cherokee. The camp this year took place at Blackhills Nr Bradford. The Cubs enjoyed the usual Archery, Shooting & the usual midnight walk (it doesn’t really take place at midnight). The Cubs spent Sat afternoon making Bobbing Arrows. The camp this year was close to Bonfire Night so…

The Deep Sleepover 2014

On Fri Oct 17 Arapaho Cubs enjoyed a sleepover at The Deep. The Cubs & leaders enjoy a great evening because we get a personal tour of the deep inc the New Penguins. The Cubs made a badge of their own design & the Cubs put their see life design on a tee shirt, before…

Parents & Guardian “dad & lads” Camp September 2014

Squirrel Wood, Nr Doncaster. This is the only camp that parents are allowed to attend. This year Arapaho Cubs helped Squirrel Wood celebrate their 70th birthday that did includ a Birthday Cake. Squirrel Wood put on a party that included a full day of activities concluding with a talent contest entered by our very own…

Arapaho Cubs – Backwoods cooking

The Arapaho Cubs had a night of backwoods cooking, cooking sponge cake with chocolate inside an orange, baked on an open fire. The final results varied in appearance  but all tasted great. The Cubs also learnt how to light a fire with matches and flint and steel,  just like ‘Bear Grylls’  

Arapaho Cubs – Fire Station visit

The Arapaho Cub pack enjoyed an organised visit to Calvert Lane Fire Station , on Tuesday 22nd July. The Cubs had a safety talk as well as organised activities and a tour of an operational fire appliance. Fun was had by all for he last night of the term.

Arapaho Cubs – Backwoods Cooking

The Arapaho Cub pack had an enjoyable time this week (08/07/14). Half of the pack completed an orienteering course around ‘Little Switzerland’ whilst the other half completed their Backwoods Cooking badge, by cooking on a stick and making hot chocolate. The cubs have learnt fire safety, and also how to light fires and cook using…

Arapaho Cubs – Pioneering – Egg drop challenge – 01/07/2014

The Arapaho cubs took part in pioneering / craft projects, based around eggs. Half of the group constructed structures (made out of spaghetti and marshmallows) that would hold an egg above the ground and be unsupported. The cubs had to design and build the structure working as a team. The second group of cubs designed…

Bivi building – 20/05/2014

The Arapaho cubs had a great time out and about in Nut Wood, Raywell. The Cubs made bivi shelters using tarps and wood that was naturally laid around. The pack worked in their patrol sixes, working as a team to achieve the build. The night was finished off with hot dogs cooked at Raywell Scout camp.

Bell Boats – Princes Quay – 18th May

Sunday 18th May 2014 – The Arapaho Cubs paddled around Princes Quay, Hull in ‘bell boats’ under the guidance of Stuart and Linda ( qualified canoe/ Kayak instructors). Thanks also to Princes Quay and Kingston Kayak club. The Cubs had a great time but got a little wet when they paddled under the fountain, This…

Backwoods Cooking and Fire safety

Over the last few weeks the cubs have been working for their backwoods cooking and fire safety badges. For their backwoods cooking badge they have learnt how to prepare a fire and then light it with a flint and steel. The cubs have also learnt how to cook items on a stick as well as…

St Georges Day Parade April 2014

Sun 27 April saw the St Georges Day Parade, this year Blacktoft Beacon District Event at the Beverley race course. The Cubs enjoyed a fun packed day that included; a climbing wall –  a BouncyCastle – Pioneering – Mini-pioneering with canes and elastic bands – Glass engraving – Bungee  Slide – Handicraft – Badge Making  – Face Painting – Bows & Arrows – Lassoing…

Easter Buns April 2014

The Cubs baked & decorated their own Easter buns. The Cubs melted the chocolate themselves, The Cubs designed & decorated the buns themselves then ate them all up  

The Deep Sleep Over Jan 2014

January 2014 saw Arapaho along with Hessle Beavers and Cherokee Cubs have a sleepover at The Deep.  The Cubs arrived at The Deep just as it was closing, ready to enjoy the evening ahead.  Everyone took part in a fun packed night that saw the Cubs decorate a T-shirt and make a badge with their own personal…

Christmas Party 2013

Tues 17 Dec so Arapahos annual Christmas party. The theme of the party was Christmas jumpers. All Cubs & leaders joined in the fun & games with the parents supplying a buffet & joining the Cubs at the end of the evening

Pack Night & Badge Work

The youngest cubs were making a Christmas decoration working towards their creativity badge. The middle group were having a talk on internet security & internet activity working towards their Information Technology Part 1 badge. The older group were designing a computer game using a Raspberry Pi (a basic PC) working towards their Information Technology badge…

Blacktoft Beacon District Swimming Gala

Nov 23 saw the return of the Cubs Swimming Gala at Ennerdale sports center in Hull. Most packs in the Blacktoft Beacon District enter a team. This is a hard fought fun competition that covers all aspects of swimming that includes a relay and “The Plunge.” The plunge sees one Cub dive into the pool…

Winter Camp 2013

Every year the Cubs enjoy a winter camp, where the reality of the cold weather sets in. This years the Cubs went to Blackhills Nr Bradford. The Cubs sleep in wooden dormitory because of the temperature. The Cubs still enjoyed the outdoor environment that included the Cubs cooking their own meals outside on open fires….

Rememberance Parade Nov 2013

As a mark of respect Arapaho Cubs joined The Hessle Scout Group as a whole who joined both active & retired members of the armed forces and marched from the British Legion in Hessle to the All Saints Church. The Cubs then attended a civic service that included The Hessle Town Mayor & local councillors.

KC Home of the Tigers Tour July 2013

The Cubs enjoyed a tour of “The KC Stadium,” home of the mighty Tigers. The cubs enjoyed a few minutes as a TV camera operator high up in the top of the stadium. The Cubs were shown round the “circle room” the room where WAGS hang out during the home matches. We enjoyed a period…

June 2013, Dads & Lads Camp

Once a year Arapaho Cubs have a traditional “Dads & Lads” or “Parents & Guardians” Camp. This year we wend to Bramhope Scout Camp (Nr Leeds Bradford Airport). No mums this year but 7 dads did brave the weather. We feel certain the Dads enjoyed the camp more than the Cubs. Both Cubs & Dads…

Pack Night Activities

The Cubs were asked to design & build a device to support an egg being dropped from 10 feet high using paper, cello tape & tooth picks or design & build a bridge to support an egg spanning a12 inch gap using spaghetti & marshmallows. Some where successful & some were not.  

High Ropes May 2013

Once a year the sixer’s (young leader’s & older Cubs) are taken to a camp along with the Scouts & Explorers. The aim of the camp is for the cubs to get to know the Scouts & experience life as a Scout as the sixer’s will be moving up to Scouts soon.

Group Camp May 2013

Hessle Scout Group holds an annual collective camp where the young people from the 2 cub packs, the Scout troop and the Explorer unit have the opportunity to socialise and participate in activities together.   2013 saw our return to the local site, Raywell. This year’s camp had a Medieval theme. Everyone “crusaded” towards Raywell…

Pack Night

A normal Pack Arapaho Cubs promotes Decision Making (the Cubs choose their own games) as opinions are always asked for & discussed with friendships being formed every night.

Music Evenning March 2013

For their music badge the Cubs were asked to bring in & play their musical instrument. We had a wide range of instruments & talents. Even the ones who couldn’t play an instrument joined in and sung along to the tune.

Remembrance Day Parade, 11/11/12

As a mark of respect for all the solders lost in all conflicts, The Cubs joined the Remembrance Day Parade. The Cubs marched along side active & retired members of the armed forces.  

Winter Camp Nov 2012

We team up with our sister pack Cherokee for the groups last camp of the year, Aptly named Winter Camp at Blackhills Nr Bradford. Not quite winter but sometimes very cold never the less. Because of the temperature the Cubs sleep in Huts. Not quite “glamping” but the hut in indeed centrally heated. In true…

Sponsored Walk October 2012

As a fund raising exercise Hessle Scout Group had a sponsored walk. This was no ordinary Sponsored Walk. This was a 20 mile Sponsored Walk, “The Beverley 20” arranged my Scout Leader Sean Bell. The group members were dropped off at The Black Mill on Beverley Westwood. The challenge was to walk back to The…

Dads & Lads Camp June/July 2012

The cubs enjoyed a weekends camping with their parents/guardians at Squirrel Wood Nr Doncaster. This is the only camp Parents/guardians are allowed to attend. Ten grown ups braved the weather and Fri & Sat night was spent in a tent having the full outdoor experience. Despite the weather & despite the conditions sprits remained high…

Centenary Camp – 1st – 3rd June

This weekend the entire group has camped at Raywell for the centenary group camp. This camp has been funded by the Centenary Fund which the group has been fundrasing for over the last 5 years. The theme for the weekend was pirates. All those attending walked from Melton Bottom to Raywell on the Friday night….

Aldwalk Camp May 2012

The older more experienced Cubs will become leaders of a pack, These are known as sixers. The sixers are invited to the first camp of the year where they are taught leadership duties & the responsibilities of being a sixer is explained to them. May 2012 The Cubs were taken to Aldwalk where they had…

Humber Bridge Foreshore

The Cubs were taught fire lighting skills on the Foreshore. All under strict supervision of course


The Cubs enjoyed a nights bowling. A big thank you to AMF bowling for looking after us. First 3 Cubs to get a strike got a prize

Just a normal pack night

A very quiet pack night last week, youngest group were learning Braille & the middle group learning sign language. The peace was great

Sponsored Walk over the Humber Bridge Sunday 22 April 2012

On Sunday 22 April the cub group took part in a sponsored walk across the Humber bridge, monies raised are to be split between the Hessle Scout Group and the Cruise bereavement charity. We would like to say a big thank you to the cubs that took part Jacob Furniss, James Moat, Joshua Lancaster, Nick…

Sleepover at The Deep Friday 20 April 2012

Arapaho Cubs spent a night at The Deep. The activities included a guided tour around The Deep, designing a fish logo to be put onto a t shirt, colouring in post cards to be sent home, a talk on sharks before settling down for the night in their sleeping bags.

Friday 9th March ProDive

On Friday 9th March Hessle Arapaho cub pack spent the evening at Sydney Smith swimming baths with the lovely people from Pro Dive. The cubs were split into two groups the first group were trained how to use scuba diving equipment and had a game of underwater frisbee, whilst the second group got to go…

Cooking At Sainsburys

On Tuesday 6th March the younger members of Arapaho cubs were invited to a cooking session at Sainsburys. The children all got to make and eat! their own pizza and were all given a doggy bag to take home.