Arapaho and Cherokee Cubs attended the 2018 Humberside Scouts County Cub Camp – ‘Fantastic Cubs And Where To Find Them’.  As part of the Hufflepuff House, along with Cubs from Brayton Scarlet, 19th Grimsby (St Hugh’s), 1st Ricall, St Martins, Sewerby Methodist, Trinity Methodist, 1st Laceby and St Margaret’s of Scotland, they combined to win the most house points over the weekend to rapturous chants of HUFFLEPUFF! HUFFLEPUFF!   Cubs took part in activities such as Aragogs web, Archery, Backwoods Magic, Cave Shaking shack, Dobby’s Socks Geocaching, Golden Snitch Pops, Green Screen Broomsticks, Marauders Map, Muggle Hockey, Muggle Wands, Quiditch , Snapes Cauldron and Zip Wire to name but a few.  We also attended a Yule Ball and Campfire where we learnt some new dance moves and songs!  A brilliant weekend, we just need to get the Cubs to remember that just because it is light outside, it does not mean it’s time to get up!!!