Water Aid – A Cherokee Million Hands Moment


Clean drinking water and good sanitation are essential, yet one in ten people around the world still lack basic access to clean water, while 2.3 billion – that’s one in three people – have nowhere adequate to go to the toilet.  But it doesn’t have to be this way; in our lifetime, we can end this crisis, and Cherokee Cubs have played a part in making this happen.  To help raise awareness they undertook a hike from Hessle Rugby Club, into the Humber Bridge Country Park and back again – a simple walk, but to add to the challenge they each carried 4 litres of water in their rucksacks.  This helped them to get a sense of the burden of having to carry water over long distances.  In some developing countries, many women and children have to walk long distances carrying water in containers as heavy as 20kgs.  Well done everyone for taking part, and thanks to parents for your donations to Water Aid.