Ready for camping….

Explorers spent the evening pitching their new expedition tents and finished the night putting up the bell tent which they will use as a base camp and communal space on future camps.

Cherokee Summer Camp

Cherokee Cubs had a great time at their summer camp at Walesby Forest. On Saturday morning after cooking pancakes on an open fire for breakfast, they did crate stacking and a cave maze.  In the afternoon they had fun on the water, including canadian canoes and water fights.  Everyone was soaked, including the leaders.  Tea…

Camp Preparation

We did some preparation for the upcoming camping season this week. First of all we practiced putting up the tents the Cubs will use when on camp, for some of our younger members this is their first time pitching a tent, whilst for others it was a useful reminder! Then we had a relay race…

Christingle Service

On Sunday 1 December we went to All Saints Church for the Children’s Society Christingle Service.  We each received a Christingle to take home.  

Blacktoft Beacon District Swimming Gala

Nov 23 saw the return of the Cubs Swimming Gala at Ennerdale sports center in Hull. Most packs in the Blacktoft Beacon District enter a team. This is a hard fought fun competition that covers all aspects of swimming that includes a relay and “The Plunge.” The plunge sees one Cub dive into the pool…

Sixer Camp – 7th – 9th June

This camp is done in conjunction with the Scout Troop. It allows the older cubs who are nearly ready to go up to Scouts to meet and become friends with some of the Scouts before they go. Both Cherokee and Arapaho Cubs were invited. This years Sixer Camp was at High Ropes in Market Rasen….

Pack Night – 13th May

Well done to all those that had the energy to come tonight after an action packed weekend away on Group Camp! The younger group continued their work on our grounds towards their Environment Award. The very small middle group cooked everyone a hotdog on an  open fire. They were yummy! Meanwhile inside the older group…

Group Camp – 10th – 12th May

This years Group Camp was held at our local Scout Camp, Raywell Park, and it had a medieval theme. The weekend started with the crusades arriving in camp on Friday night, bearing their flags and tunics, after a hike from Melton Bottom. Saturday morning’s activities included jousting, running the gauntlet, storming the castle, medieval archery…

Pack Night – 22nd April

Tonights meeting started off with a performance by Max and Tom. They played American Idiot by Greenday in order to gain their muscian badges. Well done boys! Afterwards everyone was outside practising putting up the big green Icelandic tents.

Pack Night

A normal Pack Arapaho Cubs promotes Decision Making (the Cubs choose their own games) as opinions are always asked for & discussed with friendships being formed every night.

Music Evenning March 2013

For their music badge the Cubs were asked to bring in & play their musical instrument. We had a wide range of instruments & talents. Even the ones who couldn’t play an instrument joined in and sung along to the tune.

The Country Park – 15th April

This week everyone was down at the Country Park. The older group cooked bacon in an orange with help from Sean one of the scout leaders. Meanwhile the other two groups mixed up depending on unfinished badges. One group looked at disabled access around the country park as part of their Local Knowledge badge. Elsewhere…

Pack Night – 18th March

Over the past 2 weeks the middle group have been working towards their fitness challenge. Last week the cubs created a chart to record what food they ate and practiced some simple exercises they could do at home to keep fit. This week they took it to the next level. They helped to make Raksha’s…

Deep Sleepover – 15th March

This weekend was the annual district Deep sleepover. Groups of Cubs and Beavers from all over our district all came to enjoy a night in front of the fish tanks! The night started off with a guided tour the attraction before everyone settled down to eat their supper. Afterwards it was downstairs to do some…

Visit to Humber Rescue – 3rd December

This week as part of their Local Knowledge Activity Badge, the older group visited Humber Rescue Lifeboat Station. They got to look round all the boats, ask lots of questions and even try some of the equipment on.

Remembrance Day Parade, 11/11/12

As a mark of respect for all the solders lost in all conflicts, The Cubs joined the Remembrance Day Parade. The Cubs marched along side active & retired members of the armed forces.  

Pack Night – 24th September

This week everyone has been down at the Scout Den. The younger group have been learning all about the Jungle Book Story behind cubs. The older group have been looking at the law, promise and going up to Scouts. The middle group have begun work on their Creative Challenge Badge. Their task was to come…

Winter Camp Nov 2012

We team up with our sister pack Cherokee for the groups last camp of the year, Aptly named Winter Camp at Blackhills Nr Bradford. Not quite winter but sometimes very cold never the less. Because of the temperature the Cubs sleep in Huts. Not quite “glamping” but the hut in indeed centrally heated. In true…

Sponsored Walk October 2012

As a fund raising exercise Hessle Scout Group had a sponsored walk. This was no ordinary Sponsored Walk. This was a 20 mile Sponsored Walk, “The Beverley 20” arranged my Scout Leader Sean Bell. The group members were dropped off at The Black Mill on Beverley Westwood. The challenge was to walk back to The…

Raywell – 13th July

This week the scouts enjoyed a night down at Raywell. Everyone had a go on the climbing wall before taking on the assault course!

Raywell – 2nd July

This week everyone was at Raywell doing some cooking. The younger and middle group were trying the egg in an orange challenge. This is where you eat the inside of half an orange then use the skin to cook an egg in over a fire. Unfortunately with all the rain though it was difficult to…

Dads & Lads Camp June/July 2012

The cubs enjoyed a weekends camping with their parents/guardians at Squirrel Wood Nr Doncaster. This is the only camp Parents/guardians are allowed to attend. Ten grown ups braved the weather and Fri & Sat night was spent in a tent having the full outdoor experience. Despite the weather & despite the conditions sprits remained high…

Pack Night – 25th June

This week the entire pack took part in a team work activity. They were split into their 4 sixes and given a set of challenges to do. these included tying knots, doing sit ups and balancing boxes on heads. They were then awarded points on either how many they did or the time it took…

Raywell – 11th June

This week the Cubs were at Raywell for their activities. The older group completed their pioneering challenge to gain their badge, the middle group were cooking on an open fire and the younger group were completing a sisal trail and had a go on a section of the assault course.  

Centenary Camp – 1st – 3rd June

This weekend the entire group has camped at Raywell for the centenary group camp. This camp has been funded by the Centenary Fund which the group has been fundrasing for over the last 5 years. The theme for the weekend was pirates. All those attending walked from Melton Bottom to Raywell on the Friday night….

Centenary Camp – 1st – 3rd June

This weekend the entire group has camped at Raywell for the centenary group camp. This camp has been funded by the Centenary Fund which the group has been fundrasing for over the last 5 years. The theme for the weekend was pirates. All those attending walked from Melton Bottom to Raywell on the Friday night….

Centenary Camp – 1st – 3rd June

This weekend the entire group has camped at Raywell for the centenary group camp. This camp has been funded by the Centenary Fund which the group has been fundrasing for over the last 5 years. The theme for the weekend was pirates. All those attending walked from Melton Bottom to Raywell on the Friday night….

Aldwark Water Activity Camp – 5th-7th May

 2 of Cherokee Cubs joined the Scouts and Explorers on an action packed camp to Aldwark Water Activity Centre. During the weekend they went on the water in kayaks, Canadian canoes and a raft they built themselves. Surprisingly it floated!

Aldwalk Camp May 2012

The older more experienced Cubs will become leaders of a pack, These are known as sixers. The sixers are invited to the first camp of the year where they are taught leadership duties & the responsibilities of being a sixer is explained to them. May 2012 The Cubs were taken to Aldwalk where they had…

Humber Bridge Foreshore

The Cubs were taught fire lighting skills on the Foreshore. All under strict supervision of course


The Cubs enjoyed a nights bowling. A big thank you to AMF bowling for looking after us. First 3 Cubs to get a strike got a prize

Just a normal pack night

A very quiet pack night last week, youngest group were learning Braille & the middle group learning sign language. The peace was great

Pack Night – 30th April

The cubs have now started their activities for the summer term, which means they’re outside where possible. This week the younger group were practicing their camp cooking skills. The older group were brushing up on their pioneering skills, with some help from Sean (one of the scout leaders), ready for when they go to Raywell…

Humber Bridge Sponsored Walk

On 22nd April, 5 of the cubs took part in a sponsored walk across the bridge. Half of the money raised went Cruse Bereavement Care charity and the other half to our Centenary Fund. They did very well to complete it as the weather was against them!

Deep Sleepover

On Friday 20th April the cubs went for a sleepover at The Deep. Although there was more of watching the fish than sleeping! They had a guided tour around submarium followed by activties put on by the staff, including logo designing and a talk on sharks. Both Cherokee and Arapaho cubs then got into their…

Sponsored Walk over the Humber Bridge Sunday 22 April 2012

On Sunday 22 April the cub group took part in a sponsored walk across the Humber bridge, monies raised are to be split between the Hessle Scout Group and the Cruise bereavement charity. We would like to say a big thank you to the cubs that took part Jacob Furniss, James Moat, Joshua Lancaster, Nick…

Sleepover at The Deep Friday 20 April 2012

Arapaho Cubs spent a night at The Deep. The activities included a guided tour around The Deep, designing a fish logo to be put onto a t shirt, colouring in post cards to be sent home, a talk on sharks before settling down for the night in their sleeping bags.

Little Swizterland – 26th March

This week the Cubs went down to Little Swizterland. The older group enjoyed backwards cooking with help from the Scouts. The middle group made Sudan chairs and had a race. The younger group investigated disabled access around the country park.

Friday 9th March ProDive

On Friday 9th March Hessle Arapaho cub pack spent the evening at Sydney Smith swimming baths with the lovely people from Pro Dive. The cubs were split into two groups the first group were trained how to use scuba diving equipment and had a game of underwater frisbee, whilst the second group got to go…